Tricres Coach Benefits

Being part of the Tricres family isn’t just about great training, fabulous support and a collaborative community.  You also get discounts!


Who doesn’t love a discount or a deal?

When you join us on the Kick A** Culture Coach and Consulting Programme we give you access to: 

Amazing Online Networking With ONLE:

Fast, Efficient, Professional and Highly Cost Effective Web Design with Pagio (if you decide to have your own site):


Fair Job UK Services:

  • This is for UK Coaches only and is available immediately for all coaches. 
  • Fair Pay is practical, sensible HR support for SMEs.
  • Packages start at £190 per year Affordable, non-political, HR & management support that focuses on helping you build a great workplace Membership includes policies & contracts, networking, training, Q&A and guidance Restore harmony at work
  • Manage conflict Create focus on the job
  • View their PDF here