Brett Michener

Brett is a qualified Physical Therapist and former practice owner who understand the pain points in running a business in these types of health sectors. Financial savvy is his forte as well as a great deal of empathy for what these SME’s are dealing with.

Physical Therapy Practice and Financial Specialist for this sector


It’s impossible to run your own practice and know everything there is to know. Owners end up doing it all, and not all of it will be very well managed. A student of the renowned School of Hard Knocks, Brett is able to share his expertise in these types of health fields with empathy and a uniquely qualified viewpoint.


Virtual and In-Person

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Brett hails from New Jersey, USA and is yet another addition to our ever-growing international cohort of Tricres Partners. Joining us in August 2021, Brett thought Tricres was a perfect fit for his empathetic personality and perspective.

He graduated from Physiotherapy College in 2000 and proceeded to work with a large corporation for several years. However, disillusionment ensued when the preferred ethos was to provide ‘adequate’ care and not optimal care for patients. With that realisation, it kickstarted the process of starting his own physiotherapy practice with some partners.

Moving From a Practice to Coaching

Having finished that entrepreneurial journey after 13 years with a practice partner who is his best friend the choice was made to pursue what would eventually become a coaching role.

After getting into business ownership and realising there were numerous things and processes he wished he had known before getting into business, he understood there was a market for SME’s and consulting particularly in that practice sector.

Brett came into the financial world to build up a client book consisting of SME owners and entrepreneurs and create a coaching platform.

“Finances are the number one stressor for everyone, and this always comes up when I’m dealing with practices in a coaching capacity. I’ve always had a curiosity about other industries and finding ways to help.”

He then added a client list of financial clients which is what he really loves aiming to make a positive impact along the way.

Key Skills

Brett’s focus is on physical therapy practice owners as he has a unique perspective from both a business and practice owner standpoint. He is able to bring the knowledge he gained as someone with their own vested interests along with the financial learns from what he calls ‘The School of Hard Knocks’. In many ways, he is uniquely qualified to advise in this sector.

It’s important to be a sounding board for these SME owners and managers who often fall into multiple C-Suite roles by default in their business or practice.

If you were to ask Brett what his key skills are it’s a clear answer: empathy. He describes being able to read a room the minute he walks in. “I can tell right away if something just happened or if someone isn’t happy with the goings-on.”

Being a sensitive empath, he is hard-wired to see the bigger picture and help people get out of the weeds and stay on an even keel with a little perspective.

Biggest Learn in Business So Far?

Ask Brett to describe his biggest learn in business so far? “That’s easy. It’s been understanding to be humble about what you know, what you don’t know, and understanding that there are things you can’t possibly know that you don’t know. You have to realise that latter point because when you’re unaware that you are missing some key skills, you have to be able to ask for help. Sure, it’s possible to say you can do them, but it won’t necessarily be very well. Stay in your lane and get experts to help in areas you aren’t.”

Tricres was an attractive proposition because it provided the ready-made content he could take off with as a coach, and quite honestly creating all of that wasn’t his strength.

Brett is aiming to work globally, and while his wheelhouse is physical therapy practices and their ilk, he is interested in any phases of the business journey from startup to exit strategies and every phase in-between.

Outside of Work…

Something you might not know about Brett? He is an avid and dedicated pursuer of DIY projects around the home. He is equally, if not more, passionate about coaching his kid’s sports teams which include softball, basketball, and lacrosse.

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