Tammy Appleton

Look no further for a business coach with decades of experience in SME’s and the startup game. A creative force with a talent for getting businesses noticed.

Startups, Familly Businesses, Mom & Pop shops, and just about Everything Inbetween

Tammy has been successfully consulting and mentoring new businesses for decades. Specialising in the services sector, she has also worked with just about every other sector you can think of. Author, patent and trademark holder, Tammy will help you build your branding with her eye for what is catchy and desirable along with her business expertise.

Virtual and In-Person

You have the option to meet Tammy face to face or via Zoom.

Areas of Expertise

Tammy decided to become a part of the Tricres Partner Programme after spending decades starting up her own businesses and mentoring countless more on their own journeys.

Her background begins with parents who were missionaries which meant that she moved around the US frequently. At 17, she moved to Boston on her own to go to school and ended up staying for 20 years after meeting her husband who was a Boston native.

While in school, Tammy knew she needed to earn money and began multiple agency type businesses among others to support her. Eventually ending up starting over 20 companies, she then had a family and moved to South Carolina for a slower pace in life and started a gym. With a husband who had his own business, Tammy began running both and then had to start hiring others to help while mentoring another 6 or 7 SME’s at the same time.

Today her husband has another successful new business, and Tammy is pursuing full time coaching and consulting for herself after spending so many years effectively doing it for so many.

Tammy has authored books, has several patents, and over 15 trademarks under her belt, some of which have been bought out by notable national brands in the US.

Key Skills

The SME businesses Tammy sees herself working alongside the most are the small startups, ‘Mom and Pop’ shops, and businesses in the services sector.

Known for branding, Tammy has a clear and creative eye for understanding how to get your business noticed and quickly. She loves the creative side of marketing and has a strong vision of how to brand and drive what is catchy, desirable, and ultimately marketable. 

Biggest Lesson Learned in Business So Far?

Tammy believes, “The most common mistake I see is when startups expect to make millions the minute they open their doors. They expect to see money rolling in, which is never normally the case. They often lack patience and feel confused that they haven’t become overnight millionaires with their brilliant business plans and idea. It takes time for things to happen and I always try to convey that. Managing these expectations is something I always try to impart.”

In an ideal client niche, Tammy would love to work with anyone in the US from service sectors, startups, and small ‘Mom and Pop’ shops. However, any sector is fair game as Tammy isn’t picky about what area she works with as she has mentored just about every sector in the game already. It’s more about working with the right people.

Outside of work…

Outside of work, Tammy is a mother of two boys who are into basketball, football and who are total athletes. People are often surprised to know she grew up as a missionaries kid who never stopped moving around the country. She is happy to be settled in South Carolina for nearly two decades now!

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