Our Partners

Meet our Partners that have successfully applied for, trained, and joined our Partner Programme. You’ll discover a wealth of talent and experience waiting to hear all about your business and how they can take it to the next level.

Malcolm Mitchell

Malcolm has been in the logistics, operations, and distribution sector for over 40 years. Having owned, managed, and then sold his own successful SME, he is now ready to impart his wealth of experience and wisdom having worked through the Tricres Partner Programme.

Jenny Johnston
Jenny formed her own SME in 1999 within the recruitment sector for IT and Life Sciences. Having already worked for another company doing the same thing, she decided she could do it on her own and even better. Customer service and contact was paramount as well as her belief in work culture as a foundation. As a new Partner with Tricres, she is looking at clients within a global market, particularly in the US, UK, and Switzerland.
Marcelo De Freitas
Marcelo believes in work/life balance as well as the pursuit of happiness. Having spent a year in Africa working on rhino conservation with his family he understands about balance and fuelling personal passion. With over 20 years experience as a business consultant, he chose Tricres to take him into the UK market and expand his consulting horizons with proven coaching methods.
Sarah Fisher

Sarah holds a Masters in Occupational Psychology is looking forward to engaging with SME’s in the manufacturing, logistics, and operations sectors. These sectors are her area of expertise and speak to her love of structure and systems put into place to streamline and make businesses more efficient. 

Natalie Chua

Natalie has business in her blood after growing up in a family that had generations of entrepreneurial ventures in Malaysia. Naturally, she has continued this path and after successfully launching the first social media app in China she is eager to share her thought processes on how to succeed in business. As a young female pioneer in the Asian coaching market, she is setting herself apart and would love to work with startups needing guidance.

Tammy Appleton

Tammy joins Trices with a vast amount of experience launching and mentoring numerous SME’s in the last three decades. A self-confessed entrepreneur since the age of 18, Tammy knows what it takes to build a desirable brand. Loving the process from startup through to marketing, Tammy understands the service industry, Mom & Pop Shops, and what it takes to get your business noticed quickly. With two patents and over 15 trademarks under her belt, she knows the meaning of marketable.

Emily Shields

Emily has worked within the sales and event teams of many of the most prestigious hotels and venues across the UK. As an advocate for the hospitality industry, she plays an active role as a member of the Site Global Community and held the position of President for the Scottish Chapter in 2018/19. 

Brett Michener

Graduating from Physical Therapy College in 2000 Brett has gone on from spending time with a large corporation before leaving to start his own private practice. 13 years later, he decided to expand on his career journey and embark on coaching those in the private health practice sector. With his unique perspective as both an owner and someone with financial expertise, he is able to be a sounding board for one of the major pain points in this industry and beyond.

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