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Meet our Partners that have successfully applied for, trained, and joined our Partner Programme. You’ll discover a wealth of talent and experience waiting to hear all about your business and how they can take it to the next level.

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Lisa West

Having worked with medical and engineering sectors in the last few years I’ve been doing transformational coaching with self-actualizing women. I work with women to uncover and disrupt unconscious beliefs about themselves

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John Dalton

Over 30 years of corporate experience with globally recognised companies that are household names. Cross-industry and cross-business experience is one of his invaluable USP’s available for coaching SMEs.

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Tammy Appleton

Look no further for a business coach with decades of experience in SME’s and the startup game. A creative force with a talent for getting businesses noticed.

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Emily Shields

With a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector, you would be hard-pressed to look further than the expertise of Emily. A penchant for relationship building and utilising a collaborative

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natalie- chua

Natalie Chua

A dynamic and focussed force who thrives on sharing her extensive experience with running SMEs using a common-sense approach.

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Malcolm Mitchell

40+ years of business experience, ready to coach and consult with your business using the knowledge he wishes he’d had when he was running his own business from the start

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Marcelo de Freitas

Marcelo believes in work/life balance as well as the pursuit of happiness. Having spent a year in Africa working on rhino conservation with his family he understands about balance and

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Sarah Fisher

With an extensive psychology background including specialising with a Masters in Occupational Psychology, Sarah has the perfect blend of business know-how and the mindsets needed to achieve great things.

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Brett Michener

Brett is a qualified Physical Therapist and former practice owner who understand the pain points in running a business in these types of health sectors. Financial savvy is his forte

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Jenny Johnston

Jenny formed her own SME in 1999 within the recruitment sector for IT and Life Sciences. Having already worked for another company doing the same thing, she decided she could

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Jez Allman

Jez Allman

Jez is a highly-experienced Business Development Director, with a track record of success in relationship-building, strategy development, coaching and growth acceleration. With decades of experience with globally recognised brands he

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Paul Haxell

Having worked on both sides of the construction industry from project management to health and safety/environmental quality Paul is able to assess all aspects of a business. Gaining experience by

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