Our Partner Training Programme

What does it take to be a successful six figure business coach and consultant?


Our next Partner Discovery Sessions are happening throughout May 2022. To sign up for a session, click on the link for your desired date below.

All sessions are 4 – 5 pm BST:

May 10May 12May 17May 19

May 24, May 26, May 31

Real-Life Learning

If you’re just starting out, you need us! For learning, finding clients, ready to use content, and marketing that will let you hit the ground at full throttle.

Expertly Curated Content

No more worrying about if the content you have is right. We already know our toolkit works and you have complete access.

Part of Something

There’s not just a whole team behind you, there will be a team learning alongside you. Never feel isolated and like you’re flying solo again once you sign up.

Freedom to Grow

Get the best of both worlds. Benefit from being a part of something bigger long term while having total independence and control over your blossoming career.

We’re on a mission!

We want to make it happen for every business on the planet.

Tricres are focused on supporting every type of SME business to scale up and grow beyond their wildest dreams because we dream big. You don’t grow by thinking small. Come to think of it, ‘Thinking Big (Really Big)’ is kind of what we’re known for.

We believe in guiding business owners and boards to creating world-class cultures that emphasise people. Without your people you have nothing and this has become apparent now more than ever before.

Providing them incredibly strong, gimmick-free strategies that deliver a platform for sustainable growth.

At Tricres, we’ve helped businesses identify their purpose, vision and values so they know exactly why they do what they do and are gathering the people around them that believe what they believe. We’ve also supported them as they embed their values into their systems and processes so they become the DNA of the organisation and not just some fancy writing on a mouse mat.

The Training Programme in numbers


Businesses helped


Partners and growing


years of experience

Who Can Join?

We’re really particular about who joins our programme.

Do you have what it takes?

We love people who love business, love people AND who are:

  • Humble yet confident
  • Able to find their own paper clips
  • Smart, not a clever clogs, just smart
  • Inclined to think big, because the big picture and the long game is how we roll

Our Clients

BUSINESSES LARGE AND SMALL, ACROSS THE WORLD Rebecca Bonnington, Msc Coaching and Nick Davies, LLB Barrister work with some of the best. You can too.

Your Questions, Answered!

The best coaches and consultants ask brilliant questions and then shut up and listen.  Is that you?

No, we are not restricting access to our Partner Programme. What we do ask is that you have a proven track record of operating at a decision-making level in any size organisation. For those existing coaches and consultants who want to join we look for at least five to ten years of experience leading in the SME or corporate space and who possess a demonstrable track record.

We feel that it’s essential you share our company values. As a bold, impactful and direct company we seek others who can see and thrive with our purpose, values and vision.

A discovery call is your first step to becoming a part of something bigger. Our Tricres Team Manager will meet you over Zoom for about 20 minutes to an hour and should be sufficient to answer your questions.

Progression comes in the form of completing a questionnaire and ensuring you like us as much as we like you. It’s a two-way street. If we feel simpatico, you will then meet one of our Founders over Zoom.

If all goes to plan, you will then supply references. If you wish you can also speak to our existing Partners who have already been through this process.

There are 15 Zoom sessions that happen weekly and last about 2 hours each. The entire Tricres toolkit and methodology are covered and so you should expect formal training to finish within 14-16 weeks. After that, monthly mentoring sessions take place in small groups to ensure personal attention.

You commit to the training period of approximately 3 months, and for another 9 months after that for a total period of 12 months.

There is an initial non-refundable deposit of £997 (VAT applied in the UK) with the price in USD is $1497 to secure your place on the Partner Programme. After that, there is a monthly investment for 12 months of £456 (VAT applied in the UK),  while the price in USD is $697.

We can make adjustments for nations with weaker currencies, please get in touch to ask.

This covers all your training, access to materials and the full suite of Tricres courses brimming with expert content as well regular coaching and mentoring sessions.

That is totally up to you! You have 3 options at your disposal.

  • Go your own way with a month’s notice and our blessing – you won’t have access to our materials or content though or benefit from our growing brand
  • Stick with us for a reduced monthly fee of £289 (VAT applied in the UK), with the price in USD $427 month by month. This means you continue to get marketing support, lead support, continued professional development and a cohort to lean on as well as benefiting from continued access to our materials and use of the Tricres brand. Your full profile will still be on our fully optimised website with a link to your Linked In profile.
  • Access our materials only but work under your own branding for a reduced monthly fee of £125 (VAT applied in the UK), with the price in USD $187 month to month. You’d lose the full profile on our website and the use of the Tricres branding.

That’s it folks, we have nothing to hide and that includes our costs and charges.

Brand new, out of the box Tricres Partners with no prior experience can expect to charge £250 – £650 per 90-minute session. Workshops or half days spent consulting for Tricres Partners with no prior experience can charge anywhere from £550 – £1200, and double that for a full day. With experience over time, you can expect your rates to rise. Day rates will vary by location and market but are anywhere between £1000 – £5000 per day.

Our Partner Training programme

Don’t waste time feeling stuck in a rut and alone trying to get started as a coach for yourself. Learn from our mistakes, use our tools, and have the confidence to fuel your dreams of becoming a coaching success.

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