The Cashroom


The Cashroom is an ambitious SME legal services business.


The Problem

The Cashroom have ambition. They are an enterprise in the legal services sector that wanted to grow and build on their strategic revenue streams and people capabilities. Following their Finance Director attending a 6-month business program with Rebecca, he realised that there were key components missing from their growth strategy.

The Challenge

How to create a meaningful set of purpose, vision, and values for this legal business that would serve them for their ambitious future growth and long term success.

The Solution

The first task for Rebecca was to get their board and senior team together for the Purpose, Vision, and Values workshop.

Once an understanding was achieved that they were a service-driven business supported by excellent technology they knew they were there to revolutionise the legal accounting world.

This was through embedding their purpose, vision, and values into their organisation. And this was essential for creating a culture of success. Embedding the behaviours associated with their values into their recruitment processes through to performance reviews left no stone unturned. Initiatives like walking a daily mile, value-based monthly awards, social events and activities further reinforced their cultural message.

Building on Leadership

However, about a year later the senior team realised that the next two levels of management could benefit from leadership development and asked Rebecca for help.

This resulted in the 8 module program 21st Century Leadership that is a powerhouse course in the Tricres toolkit today (accredited by CPD – Continuous Professional Development). The secret to leading businesses successfully in the 21st Century is developing skills around leading not only yourself but others and your business.

Eventually, the entire board, senior management, middle management, team leaders and supervisors all benefitted from going through the process.

In fact, all of the supervisors were promoted during that time and team leaders were able to step up. They were able to fully use their capabilities within the organisation.

The company has almost doubled in size, the executive board formed a corporate board and some senior management team members moved to the executive board. That’s what recognising talent and driving succession planning in action looks like.

Future-Proofing The Cashroom

The resulting change in attitude towards outsourcing in the legal profession has benefitted The Cashroom greatly. This has allowed them to become the leader in outsourcing legal accounting in the UK.

Plans for expansion overseas is on the horizon as well as further developing people and technology.

The Cashroom has maintained quarterly sessions with Tricres which have been particularly poignant for the Covid era which has allowed the business to re-energise and bring the team together. Breakthroughs and continued success with steps taken and ongoing embedding of behaviours have led to success with no end in sight.

Until you start using the Tricres platform and your eyes are opened, you don't realise the value it brings.
Emma Thomas
Director, Mapix Technologies