Successful U.S. Law Firm

Successful U.S. law firm
A U.S. law firm that needed help assigning who was doing what after exceptional growth took place. An example of how valuable strong culture is in the workplace.

The Problem

The partner who founded this successful U.S. law firm ran it as a business with him and a few associates for a few years. After those initial 5-8 years, they brought on other partners and business began to boom, but without a compass.

The Challenge

How to allow rapid growth in a business that has no clear oversight for finances, no forward planning, and who is recruiting for the sake of it?

The Solution

This successful U.S. law firm had a tagline of ‘Lawyers for innovators’. This definitely struck a chord with Rebecca as Tricres is firmly in the camp of disruption as a way forward, of thinking for yourself and not following the herd.

In this instance, once it was established that appointing one of the Managing Partners to do a more operational side, allowing the other two to deal with legal and attracting clients, they too doubled in size, manageably.

They fully defined their purpose to ‘change the way law is practised in the US’. As a result, from the outset that meant things like no billing targets, not wearing a stuffy suit, not expecting their lawyers to be switched on and accessible 24/7. Therefore, family life and a healthy work/life balance were expected to be the norm and not the exception.

The Importance of Culture

Creating this culture has allowed them to attract talent that declined offers of twice the salary to be elsewhere. And this is key because at Tricres one of our passions is people and culture. Therefore, businesses should not underestimate the impact of creating an incredible work culture for their employees. Because this will sustain you and naturally lead to growth.

This brilliant law firm had a culture, but it was about enhancing it and further defining it that has allowed it to get to where it needed to go. Using behaviours around their values has allowed them to better recruit, attracting talent and identifying succession planning.

Rebecca went a step further and brought in a financial analyst to help them really understand their numbers, and he in turn helped them recruit their own financial controller.

Now, their trajectory is sky high and we can’t wait to see where they go next.

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