Successful Architecture Firm


A case of running before you can walk. This wildly successful architecture firm wasn’t prepared for runaway growth and needed structure for sustainable growth.

The Problem

This is a case of one problem a lot of businesses would like to have. When your business falls victim to its own success and just doesn’t know how to scale up sustainably or with a clear plan in mind.

The Challenge

The CEO of Tricres, Rebecca, arrived on the scene just before this incredibly successful architecture firm was about to grow exponentially. But having met with their Business Development Manager they realised that they didn’t have any structures in place to let them grow in a sustainable way.

The sightlines were clear that growth was rapidly happening and the BDM could also see that the Managing Partner had already got too much on his plate. If they didn’t want to drop the ball they needed structure and a clear vision and they needed it yesterday.

The Solution

Rebecca met the partners who all agreed they were growing so fast it was getting to the point that it was almost out of control. They were all architects who hadn’t run businesses before and they needed help.

After doing an initial fact-find that also included interviewing 10 employees at all levels of the business Rebecca discovered that, once again, there was no purpose, vision or values. There was no 10-year plan involving values that could provide the structure so desperately needed that would see them arrive at that 10-year point without imploding.

So work began in earnest starting with the critical Purpose, Vision, and Values workshop that helped give form to clients values.

Rebecca estimates that about 90% of companies don’t have purpose, vision, or values. And the few who do often don’t know what to do with it. Or they haven’t really been through a process like the Tricres one and the ones they settle on truly miss the mark.

These are the businesses that will grow in spite of themselves or grow to the point of collapse because every juggling act has a point where a ball will drop.

The partner who was responsible for delivering this to their people after working through this process did it incredibly well as a result. Following up with our Players on the Pitch workshop further established behaviours that would embed into appraisals, bids, tenders and became all-encompassing.

The practice doubled in size and opened 2 new offices last year and will shortly be working through 21st Century Leadership to further broaden their skills.

In short, the partners are now able to do more for strategy, senior managers are delivering with people, and they are winning business because of their focused, strategic direction.

“Using the Horizon model helped me establish a three year business plan. By focusing on the team and our strengths in the market we have developed a plan the team and Executive Board have participated in.”
Neil Wotherspoon
Partner, TFT