Our Kick Ass Culture Coach & Consultant Training

People who complete our Kick Ass Culture Coach & Consultant Training can become Tricres Licensed Coaches & Consultants so long as they pass a Case Study.

Attending one of our next Escape the 9 to 5 Events is the first step to becoming a Tricres Licensed Coach & Consultant.

Learn from Nick & Rebecca

We’ve built our own 6 figure business coaching & consulting businesses and show you how to build yours.

Monthly Supercharge Sessions

Join our live monthly Supercharge Sessions to get individual advice on growing your consulting and coaching business.

Be a Part of Something

There’s not just a whole team behind you, there will be a team working alongside you. Never feel isolated and like you’re flying solo again once you sign up.

Freedom to Grow

Get the best of both worlds. Benefit from being a part of something bigger while having total independence and control over your blossoming career. Keep everything you earn.

We’re on a mission!

We want to make it happen for every ambitious business on the planet. That includes yours!

We believe in guiding business owners and boards to creating world-class cultures that emphasise people. Without your people you have nothing and this has become apparent now more than ever before.

Providing them incredibly strong, gimmick-free strategies that deliver a platform for sustainable growth.

This is where you come in…

Rebecca and Nick can’t do it on our own so we’re sharing our knowledge and expertise with a global community of like-minded of business coaches and consultants.

If you haven’t completed our Kick Ass Culture Coach & Consultant training, join us on our next Escape 9 to 5 Event.

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At Tricres, we’ve helped businesses identify their purpose, vision and values so they know exactly why they do what they do and are gathering the people around them that believe what they believe. We’ve also supported them as they embed their values into their systems and processes so they become the DNA of the organisation and not just some fancy writing on a mouse mat.

The Training Programme in numbers


Tricres Licensed Coaches & Consultants


Learners and growing


Courses in the programme and growing

Who Can Join?

We’re particular about who qualifies as Tricres Licensed Coach & Consultant.

Do you have what it takes?

We love people who love business, love people AND who are:

  • Humble yet confident
  • Able to find their own paper clips
  • Smart, not a clever clogs, just smart
  • Inclined to think big, because the big picture and the long game is how we roll

Download the brochure about the benefits of being a Tricres Licensed Coach & Consultant. (currently being written!)

Become a Tricres Licensed Coach & Consultant

Once you are qualified as a Kick Ass Culture Coach & Consultant (CPD accreditation), download our brochure to learn about the benefits.

Your Questions, Answered!

The best coaches and consultants ask brilliant questions and then shut up and listen.  Is that you?

No, we are not restricting access to our Kick Ass Culture Coach and Consultant Training. What we do ask is that you have a proven track record of operating at a decision-making level in any size organisation.

For those existing coaches and consultants who want to join we look for at least five to ten years of experience leading in the SME or corporate space and who possess a demonstrable track record.

We feel that it’s essential you share our company values. As a bold, impactful and direct company we seek others who can see and thrive with our purpose, values and vision.

Once you’ve passed our Case Study to be a Kick Ass Culture Coach & Consultant, you have the option to join the Tricres family as a Licensed Coach & Consultant. 

To qualify as a Kick Ass Culture Coach & Consultant you’ll need to pass our Case Study. The entire Tricres toolkit and methodology are covered on our learning platform and so you should expect formal training to finish within about 12 weeks.  You can take longer if you want to.

Attend the monthly Supercharge Sessions live on Zoom with one of our Founders or Country Directors and accelerate your learning.

Once you’ve passed you’ll be invited to sign up and we’ll add your name and short bio with a link to your LinkedIn profile on our SEO maximised website.  

That is totally up to you! You have 2 options at your disposal.

  • Go your own way and use your learning with your clients.  You cannot call yourself a Tricres Licensed Coach & Consultant though and you MUST credit Tricres when you use our IP
  • You cannot use the Tricres logo and CPD logo on any of your materials
  • Stick with us and become a Tricres Branded Partner. Become part of the growing Tricres family and benefit from:
    • Having your short bio and link to LinkedIn on our SEO maximised website
    • All Tricres branding for LI and other social media (optional)
    • Join our growing LI Tricres page as an ’employee’ (optional)
    • Benefit from monthly Supercharge Sessions live on Zoom 
    • Quarterly CPD Sessions with Rebecca


That’s it folks, simple.  We don’t take any % from you, everything is at a fixed annual fee.

Other business coaches and consultants who have qualified with Tricres earn between £500 – £3000 per day. 

Those who are just getting started earn between £250 – £1000 per day.

Those who deliver one-to-one sessions charge from £250 – £900 per session.

These figures are for illustrative purposes only and will vary from country to country and the size and type of businesses you work with.

Earnings will also depend on your own experience and background.


Our Kick Ass Culture Coach & Consultant Training Programme

Don’t waste time feeling stuck in a rut and alone trying to get started as a coach for yourself. Learn from our mistakes, use our tools, and have the confidence to fuel your dreams of becoming a coaching success.

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