How to Make Money as a Business Coach or Consultant

If you've ever thought about making the switch to coaching and consulting and wondered if it really pays, look no further. Join us for our Free Live Q&A with the experts who have been making it happen for decades. Simply click on our event link below to get registered and don't miss out!


How to build your 6 figure business coaching and consulting practice.

Building a 6 figure business...This is the big one. If you need inspiration or expert know-how from the people who have already made it happen, this is the Live Q&A for you. It's never the wrong time to start thinking big and what you want to achieve as a coach or consultant running your own […]


How to Attract and Retain Talent in the Logistics Sector

Are you in the Logistics Sector? Meet our new Tricres Partner Malcolm Mitchell who will discuss how to successfully attract and retain talent. He knows how because he's been there and done that!  Some of our topics up for discussion include: Challenges Building a winning culture How to engage employees The players on the pitch […]


Influence & Persuasion: The art of letting them have your way

Influence & Persuasion: The Art of Letting Them Have Your Way Rebecca Bonnington and Nick Davies are doing a workshop that will reveal the critical key components for this business skill, without making it sound like a dirty job that someone feels they HAVE to do. Influence and persuasion needn't be the darkest of arts! […]


How To Handle a High Growth Business

How To Handle a High Growth Business At the helm of this talk is one of the newest Tricres Partners Marcelo de Freitas. With decades of experience on tap, this talk will cover the issues that arise when business growth comes thick and fast. Topics will include: Purpose – Vision - Values Talent Management – […]


Why is it So Hard To Let Go?

Why is it So Hard to Let Go? What does letting go mean in regards to today’s session? Why is letting go so important? Why can letting go be so difficult? How do we let go? What happens when we do? If you often hear yourself saying: I don’t want to be responsible for everything […]


Small Business Buzz

Greater Manchester Chamber

We're going LIVE!!!!! In a bid to make it happen for every ambitious SME on the planet, we're holding a live event with our great pals Greater Manchester Chamber, UK You'll get FREE bacon rolls (or halloumi), tea, coffee, etc and top-notch training and insights from: Nick Davies LLB, barrister, award-winning trainer, and co-founder of […]

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Being a 6 Figure Business Coach

Becoming a coach successfully isn't as easy or as straightforward as you might think. Becoming a business coach who can earn enough to do it outright is even harder, and the process can be lonely in the beginning. If you have ever wanted to know what it takes to earn a 6-figure salary as a […]


What is NLP & Why Do Business Leaders, Coaches & Consultants Need It?

Ever wondered what NLP might be able to do for you and your business?  Ever wanted to know what the heck NLP was all about and why it has such a reputation when it comes to changing lives, ways of thinking, and business mindset? This is your opportunity to discover all. Our free online session […]


All You Need To Know About NLP and How To Use It In Business

"All You Need To Know About NLP and How To Use It In Business" with Rebecca Bonnington! Take some time to invest in yourself and your business and get ready to relax and enjoy learning about how NLP can take your business to the next level.No fluff, no woo-woo, just solid NLP discipline techniques and […]