Meet our new President of Tricres USA LLC. Look no further for a business coach with decades of experience in SMEs and the startup game. A creative force with a talent for getting businesses noticed.

Startups, Family Businesses, Mom & Pop shops, and just about Everything Inbetween


Tammy has been successfully consulting and mentoring new businesses for decades. Specialising in the services sector, but with equal success in other sectors, Tammy is purposeful, enthusiastic, incredibly resourceful, and ready to take your business to the next level with her proven coaching strategies. Author, patent, and trademark holder, Tammy will help you build your branding and help your business stand out.  She is a natural at finding the right niche for your business needs.

Virtual and In-Person

You have the option to meet face to face or via Zoom.

After spending decades building her own businesses and mentoring countless others on their own journey, Tammy was delighted about the opportunities provided by joining forces with Tricres Partner Programme.  Guiding your idea or company to exceed your goals is what drives Tammy.

In fact, she loved working with Tricres so much that she went ahead and started up her own sister company as President of Tricres USA LLC.

After experiencing a nomadic lifestyle as the daughter of missionaries, she started out at 17 by moving to Boston to attend school. Out on her own, she needed revenue to support herself and pay for college.  Knowing up front she preferred to work for herself, she began multiple agency-type businesses which led to her passion for developing niche ideas for market needs.  She met her husband, a Boston native, and they lived in the Boston area for 20 years.  After having a family, they moved to South Carolina where they now live.  Starting over 20 successful companies in the Boston area,  she quickly identified a need for a unique fitness boutique in South Carolina and so began her new legacy.  With her husband owning a local service business, she not only ran both businesses but started mentoring several other SMEs at the same time.

Tammy has authored books, has several US patents, and over 15 trademarks under her belt, some of which have been bought out by notable national brands in the US.

Key Skills

Tammy is passionate about working with small startups, quirky and unique business ideas, and businesses in the services sector.  Contact Tammy if you desire to get your business noticed, create connections with potential customers, and stand out amongst the competition.  She specializes in branding, creative marketing and strategically identifies opportunities to grow your market.

Biggest Lesson Learned in Business So Far?

Tammy believes, “The most common mistake I see is when startups expect to make millions the minute they open their doors. They expect to see money rolling in, which is never normally the case. They often lack patience and feel confused that they haven’t become overnight millionaires with their brilliant business plans and idea. It takes time for things to happen, and I always try to convey that. Managing expectations is key”

Tammy would love to work with anyone in the US from service sectors, startups, and small ‘Mom and Pop’ shops, however, any sector is fair game.  Tammy has been successful mentoring in all areas of business and believes working with the right people can make all the difference.

Outside of work…

Tammy is the mother of two extremely athletic and highly competitive boys who have played multiple sports throughout their life. They have both reached their dreams of playing college basketball and are highly driven like their mom.  Tammy has lived in South Carolina for over two decades now, which is a big change from her daughter of missionaries’ lifestyle growing up.  You might be surprised to know not only has she been on TV numerous times over the years, however, the highlight was discovering she was on Candid Camera before they could fool her. 

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