Mike Phillips

A demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Skilled in catering, business planning, operations management, and customer experience management. Strong team building and leadership experience, excellent communicator and compassionate leader.

A hospitality expert who knows what it takes to work with and create diverse teams to provide customers with memorable service. Also an accomplished public speaker, and developer of people skills.

Hospitality, Founders Looking to Scale Up


Having over 40 years experience in hospitality management, Mike has the experience and wealth of observation to have learned how the industry has changed vastly over the years, along with public expectations. After redundancy in 2020, he began consulting successfully and now looks to broaden his coaching and consulting skills by joining Tricres and sharing everything he has to offer.

Virtual and In-Person

You have the option to meet face to face or via Zoom.

Areas of Expertise & Key Skills

Since consulting independently as of 2020, Mike is adding coaching to his hospitality expertise. He is exceptionally well-versed in hospitality in all aspects, group training (in particular management and leadership models), and Pan-Industry Coaching (delivering courses to junior accountants and clients over Zoom) to provide better financial understanding and aid with strategies.

  • Hospitality managment
  • Public speaking
  • Developing exceptional customer service techniques
  • Improving and developing management with people skills.


Favourite Industries to Work With

As you might imagine, hospitality is number one! However, Mike has also worked with varied businesses and entrepreneurs including fashion design, construction, accountancy, community interest, and garden maintenance. He also enjoys working with founders looking to streamline and grow their businesses by aligning teams and creating positive cultures in the workplace.

Happy to work with businesses throughout the whole of the UK.

Something you might not know about Mike?

Mike delivered training for a few years with an eye patch after losing sight in one eye after a failed lens replacement operation. His eyes are different colours which he says people always notice!

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