Mervyn comes to Tricres with an extensive background in marketing and advertising. As a former business owner of 12 years, he is now focussing on coaching and consulting given his broad spectrum of experience.

Startups, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Scaling Businesses


With years of marketing experience, sales and advertising Mervyn has also been a former business owner for 12 years. During that time he has been coaching clients of varying sizes and sectors. There is no industry he won’t tackle in order to offer his expertise and business owner wisdom from experience.

Virtual and In-Person

You have the option to meet face to face or via Zoom.

Ultimately Mervyn’s aim is to help others which gives him great satisfaction and was the deciding factor in making the change to coaching and consulting full-time.

Mervyn is capable of offering business owners and founders a great deal of empathy because he has been through the pros and cons of business ownership. He understands that any establishment has difficult periods and can help SMEs adapt to those periods of change.

Key Skills

Marketing, sales development and working with businesses in the start-up phase as well as those looking to scale. He is able to work with a wide range of clientele because of his broad range of experience.

Businesses work differently based on their phase of growth and scale. Mervyn is adaptable in his approach and communication. This means he can work with a young one-person business owner in a start-up as easily as he can collaborate and advise to a blue-chip company CEO.


While Mervyn is able to work with any sector, he enjoys working with hospitality, retail, and also companies in the 5 – 10 year range who may be struggling with how to scale. He is keen to work face to face in Northern Island, the Republic of Ireland, as well as Scotland and areas of Northern England.  Mervyn is also able to work with clients anywhere around the globe virtually in English.

Biggest Learn in Business So Far

For Mervyn, “Running your own business for the first two years is the biggest challenge that any person can have. Juggling all of the roles on your own. You’re on your own a lot and it can be quite a lonely place to be and you have to adapt to that or you sink and you don’t swim.”

Coming out of full-time employment to running his own company was also a real transitional moment for him and losing the stability that comes with being an employee. This first-hand experience is vital to help others get through that challenging phase of becoming a new business owner.

Interesting Fact?

Mervyn relocated from his native Scotland to Northern Ireland 20 years ago and has worked for three UK radio stations. Ask him about any Northern Irish or Irish band and we’re sure he will have either met them or have some colourful stories to share!


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