Melody is currently franchising with the Meloosha Homecare business she started in 2016. Success has come with hard work, a lot of learning, and an ability to help others flourish in the Health Sector as a Tricres Partner.

Health Sector, Franchising

English, Farsi

Melody joined Tricres and our Partner Training Programme from our very first cohort. With a passion for seeing people reach their potential, her specialty is in the Health Sector.

Virtual and In-Person

You have the option to meet face to face or via Zoom.


Melody is originally from Iran (and speaks Farsi in addition to her perfect English) and relocated to the UK in 1995 at the age of 18. After gaining her degree in Production Engineering, she went on to gain her Master in Business Management.

She started out working in finance for 10 years before becoming a mother and moving to self-employment. The entrepreneurial spirit led her to start an upmarket independent boutique in 2009 but the recession hit small businesses hard.

Feeling unemployable, she chose healthcare, a sector that always needs a healthy supply of employees and worked as a care assistant for 3 years before deciding to open her own business once more. This time in homecare, or domiciliary care.

Key Skills

Melody has a real passion for seeing people succeed, something we see in all of our Tricres Partners!

As a consultant for her franchisees, she loves being able to expertly help them get into and then grow their business. There is a lot of incentive when it has your name on it. Working with people on a personal level is part of the joy of coaching and consulting.

Biggest Learn in Business So Far?

Learning to trust your own instincts. Listen to your gut, and trust your own judgement. Your instincts are always right.

In her spare time…

Melody looks after her two daughters, and she LOVES gardening. She loves her work and that means it doesn’t ever feel like work. As a proud mom, she loves seeing her daughters flourish, the people she works with and coaches flourish. And most certainly her beautifully maintained garden flourish.


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