With a thriving business consulting business of over 20 years, Marcelo knows what it takes to build a successful enterprise. His new coaching skills are part of his personal development and investment in himself to reach an even wider audience.

Engineering, Construction, Finance and Banking expertise

English, Portuguese, Spanish

Marcelo is looking forward to working with SME’s or even larger corporations, and no sector is out of his comfort zone when it comes to leadership, goal setting, and project and talent management. All while championing a healthy work-life balance.


Virtual and In-Person

You have the option to meet face to face or via Zoom.

Marcelo joined the Tricres Partner Programme in February 2021 with an enthusiasm for his work life and also a balanced passion for life in his personal one.

Born in South Africa with Portuguese heritage, he has enjoyed living about an hour outside of Johannesburg. This allowed a very healthy work/life balance of living on an amazing game farm with all the wildlife you might imagine but also enabled a reasonable commute to the city when business called.

Now, with his wife and family in the UK, he is relocating to join them. Becoming a part of Tricres was a natural step to take having looked at a variety of options. This will undoubtedly assist in the transition to the UK business market and all of the cultures this entails.

A Passion for Business

Having spent over 20 years as a business consultant, Marcelo’s biggest passion is to bring the best out of the businesses and the people involved. He loves to see a business advance as much as possible. Maximising potential through implementing his turnaround strategies is what gives him goosebumps and gets him up in the morning.

What matters to Marcelo most is life experiences, and for him that means living your life to the fullest, chasing your dreams. Being able to work your dream is the ultimate so that you never truly ‘work’ a day in your life if what you are doing you enjoy fully and completely.

Marcelo was fortunate enough to take 2012 on sabbatical and he, along with his children, travelled the whole of Africa working with organisations responsible for rhino conservation. That truly underscores his passion for life and what sort of activities excite and engage.

He also believes that personal development is part and parcel of business development. That is an added touchpoint that assists people and might be why some clients decided to work with him in the last few decades.

The key industries that are where Marcelo excels with his coaching and consulting knowledge include engineering, construction, finance and banking, intellectual property, and asset management such as structuring of commercial vehicles like trusts and offshore companies.

Key Skills

His key skills lie with project and cost management, control system implementation, staff management and motivation, setting and reaching KPI’s, leading high-performance teams, expanding to new markets, and talent management.

Marcelo thrives working with medium to large companies although he is flexible about who he could help, and no sector is out of the question! Locations that he most enjoys working in include the UK, Europe, and Canada.

Biggest Lesson Learned in Business So Far?

In discussing his biggest lesson learned in the business, Marcelo recalls, “The most difficult thing is to bring about sustainable change in a business. Because interventions by someone like myself don’t always stick and it takes repetitive and evolving behaviours to bring about the solution. Creating those habits is the hardest thing to maintain.”

Outside of work…

A few little known facts about Marcelo? Besides being a wildlife conservationist, he is also a Winemaster, Divemaster, and an Advanced Driver (fasten your seatbelt)!

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