40+ years of business experience, ready to coach and consult with your business using the knowledge he wishes he’d had when he was running his own business from the start

Operations, Logistics and Distribution Specialist


Malcolm is looking forward to working with SME’s that want to drive their businesses to the next level. He’s been there and he’s done that successfully himself already.

Virtual and In-Person

You have the option to meet face to face or via Zoom.

Areas of Expertise

Joining as a Tricres Partner in February 2021, Malcolm Mitchell brings with him a wealth of experience that will be invaluable for his clients.

Having spent 40+ years in sales and sales management his career has covered the entire spectrum of roles in that sector. From experience as an area sales manager through to sales director for companies with £30m turnovers, he then moved to run his own business for the last 21 years in material handling.

His Ideal Niche

Malcolm’s ideal niche for consulting would be small businesses (£5m-£8m) with a particular focus that rely on services, logistics, manufacturing or distribution. He can certainly sympathise with the challenges and lessons learned for businesses of this size comfortably and confidently having worked through them himself.

It’s the dynamics of these smaller-sized businesses that he knows so well that lends to his extensive knowledge being applicable to just about any industry sector. The size or scale of the business is what matters the most to him in order to be as effective as possible for development. He feels his strengths would sit most harmoniously with one-to-one/owner-operated businesses best.

Biggest lessons learned

One thing Malcolm understands is how vital and helpful another pair of ‘eyes and ears’ on your business can be to take it to the next level or increase profitability and overall efficiency. Which is something Malcolm says he had could have definitely benefitted from in what was sometimes a solitary experience as a small business owner.

Malcolm explains, “The biggest lesson I learned in business was when I tried to grow my business too rapidly and ended up ‘overtrading’. When the crash came in 2008, I had just hired new people, the overheads were really high and orders plummeted. I had no safety net or cushion to work with. This happened to a lot of businesses, but I had to very swiftly move premises and adjust all aspects of my business very rapidly which could have been avoided. One thing I would always flag up to a business is if I can see that they are overtrading. Would you survive if orders/services slumped and would you survive? If so, for how long?”

Key Skills

The key skills Malcolm brings to the table include sales and sales management, business development and CRM systems, inbound/outbound marketing, cash flow and asset management, HR, as well as warehouse and distribution backend operations.

His favourite locations to work are in the heart of the UK, down to London and the South West.

A few little known facts about Malcolm? Not only did he fully refurbish a home top to bottom in 2 years, but he also flew over Cape Town in a helicopter to land in a vineyard in the mountains beyond the city.

Outside of work…

Malcolm lives in Worcester with his wife and two Yorkshire terriers (Ellie May and Sophie) as well as a Maltese/Havanese mix Archie. He has two daughters and a son and loves to spend his spare time golfing and enthusiastically cheering on Norwich City FC and the Worcester Warriors Rugby teams.

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