Jaye Mason

Involved with SMEs since the age of 13, Jaye has vast experience to share with entrepreneurs at all stages from start-ups to exit strategies alike.

With a background and career in accounting that led her to want to go beyond the number crunching and help advise clients, consulting and coaching were a natural next step.

A licensed NLP practitioner, Jaye adds this valuable tool to her thought processes and coaching techniques.

Service Businesses, Business Development, Accounting, SMEs


Jaye has ventured into coaching and consulting intuitively because of her instinctive skills for understanding what a business needs.

It was clear that many practices catered to larger businesses and the smaller ones were often left behind as an afterthought. Soon after setting up her own accounting practice specialising in SMEs to fill that gap, it became apparent that they often needed more than a balance sheet and some expert advising.

This naturally led Jay to then move away from practical accounting and instead focus on coaching and consulting full-time, which Jaye finds highly rewarding.




Virtual and In-Person

You have the option to meet face to face or via Zoom.

Areas of Expertise

With an extensive background in accounting and having run her own practice as well as well as starting up numerous other ventures along the way.

it’s safe to say that Jaye is well-versed in working with professional services businesses of any type.

Experience working with a practice as an accountant and working with large corporate companies gives her areas of expertise great range for large and small businesses.

A fully qualified NLP Practitioner and NLP coach gives her extra scope when working with clients.

Jaye believes that personal and professional development are inextricably linked.

Key Industries and Skills

Business development, strategy, people development, leadership, change management, and understanding the nuts and bolts of companies of any size in multiple sectors is where Jaye thrives.

Being based in the South West of England near Bath, there is no limit to where Jaye would be happy to work with a client remotely, so clients nationally or internationally are welcome. Potential for travel would also be of interest!

Service businesses of all types including professional services, start-ups, family businesses, and the care industry in particular are where she particularly enjoys investing her time as a coach and consultant.

Jaye offers clarity to clients which helps drive the process of improving people, strategy, and revenues.


Biggest Learn in Business So Far?

“We learn more from the times when we find ourselves down in a trough instead of cruising along in the easy lane or being on a peak.”

Sometimes it’s when we encounter a not-so-pleasant situation that forces us to address that negative, and we often find that it pushes us into the right direction, or where we are meant to be. Trough moments can force us to face our fears of change and achieve real growth.

A Few Little-Known Facts

When not out changing SMEs for the better using her sizable skill set, Jaye has dabbled in Private Investigation!

This fascinating component of her life has led to her authoring murder mystery novels set in historical settings, such as the Victorian era as she is also a keen history buff.


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