Why You Need a Business Coach

Why You Need a Business Coach

Ever thought you needed a business coach? Maybe your start-up took off like a shot and you’re overwhelmed by what your business needs to do next. Or even just how to keep afloat with everything happening at once.

Perhaps it’s the opposite and you feel like the business is floundering because you’re not sure you took the right steps from the get-go. After all, new entrepreneurs aren’t always going to get everything right the first time. So maybe you need an expert pair of eyes removed from the situation who can objectively take a closer look and offer honest guidance about what is working and what isn’t.

All too often, business owners try to go it alone. It can be a lonely and isolating experience especially when the business is fledgling. But hiring a business coach can be a step in the right direction. You can have someone who can help support your goals and offer the insight and skill sets you need to achieve growth and your full potential.

In fact, the larger a business gets, the more likely the CEO is to use the services of a business coach. Almost twice as many use executive coaching during growth and scaling when compared to a CEO in the initial throes of a startup.

What are the benefits of hiring a business coach?

In short, you can create a partnership that endeavours to support your goals in a collaborative way that can help reduce stress and strategize. A coach will help facilitate and analyse your business processes to be the most effective and efficient they can be.

They can help facilitate work culture, improve leadership skills, team building, and evaluate self-behaviours, good and bad.

It’s about reaching the next level once the level you are at is functioning the way it should be. They take you where you can’t necessarily take yourself because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Still think that coaching isn’t necessarily for you? Tell that to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Canfield (author of the Chicken Soup book series), Alan Mulally (former CEO of Ford), and Aicha Evans (of Intel). If they were able to see the benefits of outside advice, then anyone can. [Ref. leaders.com]

Top reasons you need a business coach

Attaining your goals

Not sure you have a set purpose, vision, or values that you actively utilise on a daily basis in your thought processes? Your coach can help you find them. They are integral to achieving your goals and define the goals you set out to achieve.

What’s more, a coach will help you set achievable goals and plans on how to reach them.


Instead of becoming overwhelmed by taking on all tasks or failing to delegate when necessary, your coach can help evaluate time management and structured processes to help your business run efficiently and effectively. 

They can help you know what parts of the daily grind can be easily delegated freeing you up as CEO to make a success and work on your business plan. The mundane jobs can often be what hold business owners back when those aspects of the job are not what they love and they don’t feel like they can be easily handed over to someone who is able and willing.

Business Plan

Speaking of business plans, you have got one, right? If you don’t your coach will guide you on how to write one that covers all the right bases and is both clear and specific. Without this guide in place, you’re only steering a ship on a path to nowhere. Oceans are vast spaces, so don’t be a casualty of being directionless.


It can be incredibly difficult to encourage the desired work culture in your business, especially as you grow.

As more and more people drop into the mix it’s important to know what you want your business culture to look like. Both in office or remotley, because these days both matter.

At Tricres we believe that a kick-ass culture is inherent to building  your business and your brand in a sustainable and scalable way that benefits everyone.

Happy teams and everyone on the same page with the right vision and focus is what is needed for success. If you’re not sure how to get there or recognise that your existing work culture is toxic, it’s time to call in an expert who can rectify the situation. 

It’s never too late!

Encouraging growth with balance

While tempting to throw yourself into your business head to toe 24/7, a weary and burned-out CEO is not a CEO who is going to take the business to new heights.

Coaches can help address the work/life balance ensuring you as a CEO can work in a fresh, revitalised manner that only comes with someone taking the appropriate time off. If you find yourself unable to have days off or incapable of working a balanced workday, something isn’t right. A business coach can help you find out where you can take back your time for you and how to delegate with purpose.

We always hear about business owners who never take a holiday, never take a break, and work weekends and late nights. It’s not to say that occasionally this might be needed depending on the situation, but it’s also important to take stock of how this affects your attitude, family and loved ones’ lives, and ability to scale. 

Growth can only come if the leader at the helm is healthy, and confident, and can embrace an outside perspective if needed. A strong CEO knows when to ask for help to get to the next level. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness! It’s an assertion that you’re ready to move the goalposts and might need a helping hand doing so. This is never a bad thing.

Finding the right coach

It’s important to work with the right coach for you. There are a lot of personalities out there, and they aren’t all going to click. Tony Robbins, while incredibly successful, isn’t going to appeal to all and sundry. So it’s important to know that even the most well-known coaches on the planet aren’t one-size-fits-all.

A first meeting to evaluate if your potential coach might be a good fit is always in order. These days it can be face-to-face or online, but it’s essential to get a feel for the energy and personality fit.

Talk about their experience, and discuss what you want out of the coaching process. Are they qualified? Do they have testimonials from businesses in your sector singing their praises?

Be wary of coaching that charges very little, a coach should be an investment and as such not at wildly bargain basement prices. After all, we determine our own worth!

In short…

Coaches can and will take you to the next level if you’re willing to take the advice and put 100% effort into the process.

The only person holding yourself back is you. It’s one of the best decisions you can make to achieve success in business and can give you a competitive edge in an often crowded market.