Why Join a Partner Programme To Be a Business Coach and Consultant?


Why Join a Partner Programme to be a Business Coach and Consultant?

Why join a Partner Programme?

When Tricres was formed, it dedicated itself to the professional services sector. The ideal client and niche (so important to know what your niche is!) would be legal services, accountants, architects, law firms. The type of services that often got left behind in the business coaching sphere.

When CEO and Co-Founder Rebecca realised that the Tricres methods could be rolled out to coaches who had interests in other sectors, the Partner Programme became a glint in her eye.

Tricres could offer carefully curated content that other aspiring coaches could use. Content that could be counted on and had a proven track record for success. Why restrict ourselves to the professional services sector?

The First Cohort

Our first cohort joined in spring 2021. A trio of wonderful people, some of whom already did consulting, but all of whom had vast years of experience in business. 

When you exit a successful business, many entrepreneurs need to know what they want to do next. Coaching and consulting is often a tempting option. Work on your own terms, as and when you want. Take on clients that suit, and do it from anywhere in the world.

These days, we know more than ever that work doesn’t have to be limited to your geographical location.

But coaching isn’t as straightforward as just labelling yourself a coach and drumming up a website. Coming up with your own content is much harder to do, and starting out on your own comes with its own set of challenges.

We decided that a Partner Programme would offer prospective partners who aligned with our purpose and values (so important that they do!), a way to coach that would offer clients tools that would deliver them the results to achieve sustainable growth and scalability. 

After all, isn’t that what business is for? Revenue is the number one reason we venture into these enterprises in the first place.

Working the Globe

Being able to do this line of work anywhere in the world is another great reason that coaching works in this day and age. Face to face is always ideal, but the world has changed. You can pretty much do any job that doesn’t require manual labour anywhere you want. 

Our pioneering trio of Partners happened to be in three different countries, proving this point. Jenny Johnston based in Switzerland, Marcelo de Freitas based in South Africa, and Malcolm Mitchell here in the UK. The Tricres Partner Programme was global on Day 1.

Another reason this programme came about was because there is a need for aspiring coaches to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. That they’re not doing it on their own. It can be a scary proposition to put yourself out there as a solo act and sell yourself as the product or service. 

Our Partner Marcelo

We have created a community that works on so many levels. For Marcelo, the impetus to join and train with Tricres despite decades of successful consulting on his own already in South Africa was his move the UK. It helped to have the know-how of local knowledge and afforded him the support of an established business network. 

“Business ecosystems are different. And making the transition to another base in another country can be a lonely experience. It’s been great to have Tricres partners to engage with and share ideas.”

Marcelo also acknowledges that joining the Partner Programme allowed him to have access to direct and readily available advice to realign business strategies and establish a process that is already working for Tricres historically.

“It’s a marathon though, you need to be prepared to do the continual learning and effort to make it work.” 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Partner Programme is not a fluffy, easy ride. We dig deep and ask difficult questions. This is at the heart of why we think it’s a valuable process for anyone who is serious and ambitious about becoming a six-figure salary coach. It’s also why we assess every applicant thoroughly to see if they are going to be the right fit. 

Our Partner Malcolm adds…

Malcolm Mitchell adds, “When I decided it was time to put something back towards the success of the SME world, even though I had decades of experience running my own successful business, the Tricres programme seemed like the ideal choice to build a platform upon which to learn the techniques and processes of ‘business coaching’ and build my new venture.”

The tools that Tricres have developed over the years have been really helpful for Malcolm to learn a solid structure to base his discussions with potential clients. Becoming a part of a family was also a key aspect. 

“I have found every member of this group to be extremely helpful, friendly, and welcoming. It’s really satisfying to know there is always a friendly face available to help, whatever the issue at hand is!”

Join the Partner Programme

If becoming a coach is on your horizon, or if it’s something you’ve considered but you just don’t know how to go about it with a successful outcome in mind, the Partner Programme might be the perfect option.

Work from anywhere in the world. Train from anywhere in the world. (Coincidentally we now have our second cohort and have folks from the US and Malaysia, truly global!) Coaching is a career where the whole world is your potential client. And we have the tools that can get you there.