What You Deliver: How to Value This


If you don’t value you what you do, how do you expect other people to value it?

The founders of Tricres, Rebecca and Nick, a sister and brother team talk about their experiences of underselling themselves. And then realising their mistake. So, how do you value what you deliver?

We talk openly about making money, charging the right amount for what you deliver and how your expertise is so important in supporting your clients and customers in ways you probably don’t always know.

What You Deliver

Putting a value on yourself can be intimidating. As a result, some of us are paralysed by imposter syndrome. We can’t believe that we could or should be entitled to payment for something we aren’t sure we’re an expert at.

But your self value is essential. Without a belief in yourself you’ll get short-changed time and time again. Sometimes it’s a school of hard knocks, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Therefore, underselling yourself can leave you undermined, underpaid, and with self-doubt. And you need to value yourself the way you want to be seen. Because take it from us, we’ve done plenty of work at rates that were well below their worth. Not anymore!

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Do you really know your Purpose, Vision, and Values?  Knowing your vision supports you in the business development you do and helps you value what you deliver.

We have an entire course about firming up your businesses position on these topics. And it’s called the Economic Engine. 

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