What will Thinking Big Give Me?

What exactly will Thinking Big give me?

Well, it’s a great question and I get asked that quite a lot. There is a lot that thinking big will give you.

We also get questions around the fact you might be running a small business. A business that’s just you and you don’t want a $10m business.

To answer these questions, Nick and I made a video to explain what Thinking Big allows you to do.

Watch it here:


When you’ve got a big idea and a clear vision, it become easier to guide yourself and your business through the rocky patches.

Without the clear vision you’ll make decisions today that take you in the wrong direction. And you may end up with a business you don’t want or with no business at all.

Get things clear in your own mind about your business. How the business fits into your life and then design the blueprint for growth. It keeps you in control and being in control reduces stress and increases profits.

Thinking big allows  you to make decisions that get you exactly where you want to be.  It gives you the confidence to know the decisions you’re making today are the right ones for where you want to be in the future.

There’s no point in climbing a ladder, if you’ve got it propped against the wrong wall! Thinking big will give you the right direction.

Quotable Quote

Tom Watson, former CEO of IBM famously said that the first secret to success was deciding on where the business was going to end up. This is what Thinking Big does for you. You map out the blueprint for your business now. So you can behave, build and act today as though you’re already there.  This doesn’t mean you’re pretending to be something you’re not. It means you’re putting in the building blocks for an amazing business.

The added bonus to all of this? You build your amazing business according to your blueprint. And you’re building a business that is worth more money!

That’s right, putting the blueprint in action after you’ve completed Thinking Big means you automatically start building value into your business. And you stop chasing revenues that are often unprofitable.