What Gives You Energy?

Being an entrepreneur takes energy, what gives you your energy?

How do you find the energy you need to run your business? What gives you energy? Where does it come from? How do you replace it when things get tough?

Rebecca and Nick, the brother and sister team who founded Tricres talk about how they keep energised and find ways to pick themselves up and keep going.

If you find yourself flagging and less engaged than you’d like to be this is for you. Sometimes we all find ourselves in a position that feels drained. Or that our job is draining us, sucking us dry.

We work too many hours, feel like we have to be on call 24/7. This is not the life we want as an entrepreneur! 

The goal is to be your own boss and enjoy life to the fullest. So why does it sometimes feel so hard to do?

Take a listen and discover the reality check you might need to hear.

We want you to find ways to energise yourself.  So go ahead TODAY and get working on the the things that are going to give you more energy.  Taking the time to do this is so important. 

Our materials are all tried and tested by us and our clients so we know they work.

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