How Will Thinking Big Help Me Build a $10m Business?


How thinking big will help you build a $10m business.

It seems strange to start at the end of your business journey, but that’s exactly how high value businesses are built. How will thinking big help you build a $10m business?

Starting with the Thinking Big program you create a high value business from day one or day one thousand and one.

Building in the elements you need is easy when you know how and it’s a lot easier than you think.

Here’s how to do it using Fuel My Business. It only takes 60 seconds.

Know where you’re going

You’ve got to THINK BIG!

There’s no point in sitting about twiddling your thumbs and hoping that a $10m business will land in your lap.  You must start with the end in mind.

Know what you want and why you want it.  Understand that the vision you build for yourself must include your health, your wealth, your friends and your family.  Don’t make the mistake of building a vision that just focuses on money or power because you will end up with money and power but no friends or family and that would be a very sad and lonely place to find yourself in.

Then you need to think about what building your business will give you or allow you to do.  Thinking Big may give you a sense of achievement or pride in your success.  It may also give you the opportunity to travel or help others.  Thinking Big is so much more than just money in the bank, it really is about what you can build for yourself and others that will help you and others achieve a healthier, happier and wealthier life.

Work on your self image

The way you see yourself dictates the outcomes you get.  If you see yourself as a highly successful business owner who is capable of building a high value business, then that’s exactly what you’ll build.  If, on the other hand, you see yourself as an under confident business owner with a lack of self belief, then your results are going to be very different.

Our Thinking Big online programme helps you change your self image for ever, giving you the deeply felt confidence to need to build that $10m business.

Give yourself freedom to choose

So many business owners feel stuck or frustrated because they can’t move forward.  They reach a stage in their business where it feels like they’ve hit a brick wall. Thinking BIG, gets you over that brick wall by giving you new energy, new ideas, new ways of doing things and a whole new perspective on old problems.  

Thinking Big takes you through exercises that are practical, down to earth and immediately useful, giving you that injection of energy you’ve been needing for a while now.

Once you’ve got that renewed energy, you’ll feel free, have more choices and feel less trapped by your own business.

Start with Fuel My Business to access  Thinking Big and the entire Tricres toolkit.

Be happier at home

Our Thinking Big online programme gives you an opportunity to feel less stressed about your business.  Once you understand you’ve taken the first step to building the $10m business you’ve always known you deserve, you’ll be able to relax more at home with your family and friends and be less like a bear with a sore head.

Taking things one step at a time has a really positive impact on your well being.  You’ll finally feel like you’re in control of your own destiny.

Thinking Big will help you build a $10m business

You can achieve all of this without having to learn the dark arts of digital marketing because you’ll finally understand how to build value into your business. And if you do need digital marketing, you’ll know that engaging someone else to do the jobs you hate is a much better way to build a $10m business.