Thinking About Becoming an Online Business Coach?

Thinking About Becoming an Online Business Coach?

Becoming and online business coach. Sounds easy, right? At Tricres we help those wanting to become business coaches and consultants, and those who already are but want to develop themselves further.

It’s a growing industry and more and more people search for coaches online now than ever before. Although we specialise in business and executive coaching, there is no reason not to think about why you can’t become a coach for life and health as well. 

It used to be that coaching was only done face to face, and it’s still the best option if possible. There are some things you just can’t replace online when it comes to in-person rapport and physical cues. But it does have limitations, not least of which is access to your target market and the added travel time and associated expenses that go with it.

Why is becoming an online coach worth it?

You’re the boss

For starters, you take total control of your work/life balance. The motivation and dedication delivered are completely up to you. 

You have complete control of every element of your business including your purpose, vision, and values. Your time management and service style, marketing, and goals. 

All of these things give you complete freedom, but it can also feel daunting. And when you need help? You can do so by recruiting freelancers or assorted team members when the business grows. 

There are plenty of online forums you can utilise as well, not to mention partnership programs like ours (Kick Ass Business Courses) which give coaches access to training, and tools, as well as mastermind or other online sessions where you benefit from group discussions and follow-ups. 

Coaching can be exceptionally freeing and independent, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely or isolated experience. Being a part of something bigger can help overcome the obstacles that may throw you for a loop, especially in the beginning.

The world is your oyster

It may sound like a total cliche but this does become apparent once you realise you are not limited by geography, time zones, or weekdays.

Coaching online requires a laptop, a reliable internet connection, and some decent lighting (preferably with a desirable background).

It also means you are not limited to working from home! You can attract clients anywhere in the world you want to which could lead to business opportunities doing some world travel without being tied down.

Profit margins and low initial investment

There are few other career options that offer the freedom and opportunities that coaching does without having to make a huge investment contribution to get started, (writers aside).

And the coaching charges for programs and online sessions are one of the most profitable business models out there. It’s possible to offer one-to-one sessions (the most profitable) as well as group sessions that can interest more leads and provide access to more clients as it is usually more affordable allowing for wider reach and word-of-mouth as you become established.

Doors can open to additional revenue

Networking is a powerful activity that helps you enhance and market your online presence. Meeting others in the industry can help you learn from others who have decades of experience, something we believe in that can help you upskill and develop your coaching style.

You might decide to launch your own podcast, run online workshops, become a guest speaker live or online, or invest in yourself by attending conferences, training programs, or coaching conventions.

What training do I need to become an online business coach?

If you know what your target audience is (life, business, health, etc.) and have niched down from that training and education are beneficial. 

While certification isn’t always necessary, it certainly gives added credibility to potential clients.

At Tricres, we fundamentally believe in investing in yourself. It pays to stay on top of the latest strategies and to adapt easily to a rapidly changing world.

As potential coaches, it’s important to realise that many established coaches use coaches themselves! Whether that be one-to-one or using training platforms to improve communication, leadership training, marketing, social media, and sales funnels. Everyone benefits from continued growth.

Whether you are someone interested in becoming a coach, are already a coach looking to upskill, or looking to become a part of something bigger like a partner program, Tricres has something for you.

Find out more at Kick Ass Business Courses and start or enhance your coaching journey today!