The Science of Getting More of What You Want


What is the science behind getting more of what you want?

There is a lot written about creating a vision or a goal of what you want in life and that writing it down and visualising it will make it more likely to happen. Why is that? What’s the science of getting more of what you want?

Think about it. What do you want? In life, work, relationships, or just about any aspect of being.

What tools can you use that will make what you want more likely to happen?

This not about manifestation. It’s not possible to just dream about something without putting in some elbow grease. You have to take action to make change happen. 

If you think you can just put pictures on a wall and make them appear in your life, think again. Effort goes into making getting what you want, but there is power behind visualising it.

Rebecca and Nick, the brother and sister team who co-founded Tricres talk about this. It’s a simple fact of biology that makes success more likely for us all.


So go ahead TODAY and get that brain juice flowing in the direction you want it to go.

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