Brand Refresh: Do you Need a Good Spring Cleaning?


Spring Cleaning

The daffodils are out, the snowdrops are rearing their heads in the garden. This time of year, impending Spring, is the time when we all consider (or reconsider?) where we are at in life. Both personally and with work in many cases. We like to sweep away the cobwebs, dust off the bookshelves, and think about a possible refresh. Yes indeed, a spring clean and a brand refresh might be in order!

When we decide about a refresh or need to review ourselves whether it be personally or professionally it should be with a view to assessing if a change is actually necessary. And indeed with business, it’s imperative that if a change is necessary that we do it in the most effective way. A spring clean doesn’t need to be all-inclusive if there are components of your business that are working really well. Some components need more thought than others though.

A key component of every business is your branding. It’s the first thing any potential client will experience in your entrepreneurial venture.

So how do you know if your branding might need rethinking? Our resident expert and partner Lauren Jones of Box Creative has some key pointers that will help you assess if a spring clean is needed with your branding department.

Signs You Need to Rebrand and do a Spring Clean

If your company has signs of team misalignment, inconsistencies with your company culture, low conversions or engagement, or high staff turnover, chances are that you are dealing with some brand issues.

Here are the key points you should consider and ask yourself if they apply to your business:

  • Your business has expanded beyond your original parameters or geography
  • There are negative social media connotations you need to disassociate from
  • Raising prices is an obstacle
  • You need to connect with a new market audience
  • Talent acquisition is a struggle
  • Your brand name no longer represents your initial vision
  • Your logo makes you cringe if you have to show it off
  • Nothing differentiates you from your competitors
  • Your brand lacks focus or has become too diffuse
  • The business model has changed
  • Your business has outgrown your brand
  • There is a merger or acquisition happening

Signs You Need a Brand Refresh

If your business audience is less than enthusiastic about your business offers or you are looking to enter a new market, a refresh of your corporate message may be all that you need. It can transform your brand’s presence and help you reconnect to your target audience.

Here are some points to consider if a brand refresh might be the ticket for you:

  • Your logo isn’t flexible
  • If your design matters more than the brand experience
  • Your brand messaging isn’t working, is inconsistent, or weak
  • Your brand identity is not visually consistent
  • Your brand packaging is outdated
  • Your brand identity is too similar to a competitor
  • Your brand values don’t come across
  • Your brand changes too often following trends and become totally inconsistent
  • Your brand is expanding and needs to communicate more of what you offer
  • Failure to have a style guide that all aspects of your business adhere to

When A Total Rebuild Is Necessary

Occasionally it might be the case that you require a complete revamp of your business brand. And it could make the difference between your business succeeding or failing because branding is such a critical aspect of a business venture. It communicates what you are all about and what you stand for.

But this too can be fixed with the right branding expert. [Side note: if you want a true expert on branding we can attest to the genius of our own Lauren Jones at Box Creative to be your guide].

Follow Your Instincts

Usually, a business owner knows when their branding is in need of a little help or is off. If that spidey sense is tickling your instincts then chances are that you already know that you need to do some work at refreshing or rebranding your business for the greater good.

Everything can be fixed if you catch it at the right time. Leaving things too long can mean that your business becomes less and less relevant as time marches on. So assessing your branding on a regular basis is essential to avoid being left at the altar or in the dark while competition progresses.

Whether you require a refresh (a spruce up) or a rebrand (a rebuild type of scenario) there are options to salvage the communiqué that your business is sending.

You should feel inspired and energised by doing a rebrand or refresh. Isn’t that what a spring clean is all about? That palpable sense of rebirth and renewal that is hard to duplicate in any other facet?

The key to any relaunch can be overwhelming and highly stressful. But if you assess your business branding without waiting until it becomes a problematic issue you can avoid the pitfalls that go hand in hand with poor branding from the start.

A spring clean is always worth doing and well worth the extra effort.

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