So you think you need sales training? – Think again


Think you need to get some sales training for your team? Think again.

Let me explain. I was sitting with a client last week and they were telling me about the huge growth they’ve experienced in their business over the past two years.  Things were going well and the future looks bright. Was sales training something they needed?

The owner explained to me that he knew their margins were slipping and some months their margins were seriously below what they should be.  He knew there was something missing from their revenue cycle and how they sold their products and services. But he wasn’t quite sure how to articulate it and then do something about it.

He wondered whether some sales training might help and commented that even with a marginal increase in additional sales, the business would be making at least another 20% gross margin on their sales, if not more.  This seemed like the most tantalising idea, almost within their reach, but he couldn’t understand why they hadn’t got there yet.

Whenever a client tells me they need sales training, I know there’s more going on in their business than first meets the eye.

Enter the Economic Engine

You see, Tricres has developed a nifty little model which helps business owners pinpoint precisely where your business is missing out on revenues and improved margins.  It’s called the Economic Engine and because we want to share our expertise with business minded people everywhere, we’ve included a glimpse of it in this blog.

These are the elements you need to be considering in your business right now if you suspect you can generate more revenues and better margins from your current sales.  It’s unlikely to be sales training you need right now, (although this might come later). It’s much more likely that you need a quick and easy assessment of your revenue cycle. Then some detailed and in depth work into which areas work well and which ones need some attention.

Our learning platform gives you the full story.

In essence, you need to get six elements right before you stand a chance of maximising sales, then a further two elements to ensure your revenues keep flowing smoothly.  There’s nothing worse than stop-start revenues. Our Economic Engine model finally stops that frustrating yo-yo cycle from happening.

We consider things such as the Purpose of the business, its vision and values. We look into the value you give to your clients and customers and consider the depth of the relationships you create. There are nine elements in total and when you explore them, the answer to unblocking the business’ true potential jumps out at you. Each of these elements may not mean much to you right now. But when you consider them in detail, you’ll understand why you’re not fulfilling the potential of your business.

Audit Yourself

When we work with clients, we run an audit of each of these areas and create strategies that align with all aspects of your business. That’s the consulting part.  Then we work closely with the person who heads up the sales and operations functions (often they’re the business owner themselves). After that, we support them to implement the strategies and learning they need to bring the changes to life. This is the training and coaching part.

Depending on the size and scale of your business, these changes can have a positive impact on your revenues and improved margins within about three months, often sooner.  Decades of experience tell us that this works with every type of business in every type of industry, so don’t just sit there hoping and waiting for something to happen, make a decision to contact us and we’ll show you how to get those sales and margins heading upwards.

If you need advice, help or support, contact us at Tricres and we’ll get you started on the right track.