Is It OK to Think Big and Want to Build a $10m Business?


Is it ok to Think Big and want to build a $10m business?

This is a great question and one which needs answering before you get up every morning and start work on building your business.

You see, some people think that building a bigger business ($10m isn’t actually that big) is not the right thing to do.  They might see it as greedy or as something that unethical people do in order to gain more money for themselves.

But this just isn’t true.  When you sit down and really think about it, building a $10m business is about creating more wealth for other people, not just yourself.

Some people – often people who are close to you will tell you to keep your vision small to avoid disappointment.  They might be trying to protect you from experiencing financial loss or stress so their words come from a position of love and care.

However, that’s their view of the world and they’re not in charge of your business.  You are.

It’s Up To You, Nobody Else

You get to decide how you build your $10m business in the way you want it to work.  Then you can choose to employ staff or engage with outsourced services. Ultimately you can choose to use freelancers or interns or you can recruit an army of employees if you wish.

The thing about Thinking Big is that it opens up opportunities for you to think differently about what you want and how you want it.

There’s everything right with that kind of thinking.

Finally, keeping your vision small, does not allow you to truly shine and share your talents, products or services with the world.

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It’s the journey you’re on that really matters.  It’s how you get there that really counts.

So, if you’re content to stay exactly as you are for the rest of your life and not grow or develop then Thinking Big is definitely not right for you.

But if you’re the sort of person who wants to grow, develop, learn and continue to flourish as a human being, then Thinking Big is most definitely for you.