How do I Increase the Sales in my Business?

How do I increase the sales in my business?

Increase sales in business? It’s a question I get asked all the time by my clients.

I’ve given you four ways you can increase the sales in your business that you can get started on immediately.

The first thing I need to share with you is that instead of calling it ‘sales’ I call it ‘revenues’. This is because business owners get tangled up in sales jargon and think they need extra sales training to increase sales.

Often, the problem isn’t sales, but the type of sales you’re getting into your business.

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You can increase the sales in your business by following these four easy, practical steps.

Step One 

Understand the Purpose, Vision and Values of your business.

Why does your business exist?  What do you give your clients and customers or allow them to do?  These are the questions you need to be asking yourself as it forms the very bedrock of everything else you do in your business.

You cannot sell to the right kind of customers and clients in your market place unless you are crystal clear on why they buy from you.  This makes sense when you think about it.  You can only repeat an activity if you understand EXACTLY how you did it in the first place.

The Purpose, Vision and Values within your business form the roadmap to success and repeat sales.  If you understand where your business is going and why it’s going there, you’ll be able to communicate this message through your brand, marketing materials and communications.  There is no point in aiming for a $10m Business if your marketing and brand looks like a $100k business.

Your values will give you the guiding principles on which to make decisions.  Make sure you nail those now so you can make quick, easy decisions about who you sell to and how you sell to them.

Step Two to increasing sales in your business.

Decide whether your business is a product or service led business.

This is important to know because it dictates how you sell to your customers and clients.

You’ll know you’re a product led business if most of your revenues and profits come from selling ‘things’ or digital products.  It’s unlikely you’ll be very close to your customers and you probably won’t know the name of their pets or children!  Your business is based on a series of quick transactions where you don’t have a deep relationship with the customer.

You’ll know you are a service-led business if you do have a deep relationship with your customers and you are likely to know the names of their pets and children! Your sales cycle is likely to be longer too.

Now, you can have a product-led business that has additional services added on as aftercare or sales support or consulting etc.

You can also have a service-led business that has additional products you can sell.

However, notice where your profits and core revenues come from and this will tell you whether you’re product or service-led. 

This is important as selling products is a whole different proposition from selling services.  Product led businesses usually need volume and easy access to customers, whereas service-led businesses tend to have lower volumes and a longer lead time to get to know and understand customers.

Step Three to increasing sales in your business.

Is it easy to buy from you?  How do people find you?  Then how do you look after your customers and clients once they’ve bought from you?

Making it easy to buy from you is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your revenues.  Where is your company listed?  Where do you advertise or promote your business and what social media platforms do you use to get your name out there?

Once you’ve attracted a customer or client, how simple is it for them to buy from you?  Are your sales processes straight forward or complex?

Make sure you simplify your message too.  If you want to impress people make it complicated, if you want to help people, make it simple.

Step Four to increase sales in your business.

What are you doing for your existing customers?  How do you look after them?

Do you have an email list that you contact each week?  Or do you have your customer information on a CRM (customer relationship management) system like HubSpot or Pipedrive?  You can’t keep in touch with your customers or clients unless you record their details.

If you’ve got a pile of business cards or a vague idea of your customers details then you’ve got a bit of work to do to get their email addresses or contact numbers and keep in touch with them with offers, advice, tips and invites.  They’ll love your for it and become sales people for your business.

Next Steps…

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