How to Increase Your Sales in Four Steps: Target

How to increase your sales in four easy steps.

We walk through 4 simple steps to increase your sales and see your revenues on the up, again and again.


Step One to increasing your sales: TARGET

Nick Davies has been training people in how to sell for decades. He works all over the world using this easy, four step model so even someone who has never sold anything in their lives before, can get selling and feel good about it.

Watch Nick talking through the steps in this helpful video:


Step Two to increasing your sales: CONNECT

There are many ways to connect with your prospects.  Networking (pre-pandemic) is a really good way to connect with people.

Picking up the phone and speaking to people is also a really good way to connect.

Building your email list through webinars, offers and campaigns will also get you connecting with your audience.

Joining the governing body of your target market helps too as does joining business organisations such as the Chambers of Commerce, Institute of Directors or whatever is local to you.  They have regular networking events, over Zoom these days, but still useful.

Offer to speak at events or write a white paper or article.  The written word is also a good way to connect.

In other words, find ways to engage with your customers.  People love a podcast, so get invited onto one and be interviewed or create your own.  

Our advice is to pick one or two channels and really focus on those. If your audience are on Linked In that’s where you need to put your time and energy.


Step Three to increasing your sales: MEET

Whether you’re meeting people online via Zoom or Team Meetings, or whether you’re meeting them in person for a coffee, at some point in the process you need to meet them and have a conversation with them so they can get to know you properly.

People buy from people.  If you’re running an online business, then you need to meet them through FB Lives, Linked In Lives, webinars etc so people can get to know you, like you and trust you.


Step Four to increasing your sales: ASK

This is the last in the series of How to Increase Your Sales in Four Easy Steps and it’s probably the one most people find hardest – how to ask for the business.

It’s ok though, you can relax because we talk you through exactly how to ask.