How to Increase Your Sales in Four Steps: Step Four Ask


How to increase your sales in four easy steps: Step Four, Ask

This is the last in the series of How to Increase Your Sales in Four Easy Steps. It’s probably the one most people find hardest – how to ask for the business.

If you’ve ever felt like sales was the hardest part of business, you’re not alone. Many people think sales is not their natural talent. Sometimes you need some top tips to get you through what you think is going to be difficult.

However, you have the ever excellent Nick Davies at your disposal. He knows a thing or five about sales and persuasion. 

Still feeling unsure of yourself? 

It’s ok, you can relax because we talk you through exactly how to ask.

You might think you don’t have the confidence or skills to build a $10m business or that it means having to work 24/7.  

Have you have missed the first three posts that detail how to increase your sales?

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