Holding your nerve

Holding Your Nerve

Even if you haven’t seen the film “Star Wars”, anyone who has watched any kind of action movie will know that there’s always a point in the film when the hero or heroine is holding their nerve.

It’s that tense moment when you sit on the edge of your seat. You hold tightly onto the arm rest of the seat or the hand of the person you’re with and hold your breath.  You are willing the main character to succeed and you’re feeling the combination of nervous excitement (nervited as my youngest daughter calls it) that they are feeling.

Luke Skywalker puts his high tech vision target glasses to one side and trusts his gut instincts to take the shot that destroys the death star.  He had already missed several times and the audience sit in eager anticipation of a direct hit, hoping that his gut instincts work out for him, just as we hope our own gut instincts work out for us in our own lives.

Building and running a business brings you edge of the seat Star Wars moments almost daily.  Whilst it’s rarely life and death you face or the collapse of the universe, it’s often financial stability, security, being able to pay your people and take the business to the next level of growth that is at stake.

You’ve designed your strategies, you’re delivering and implementing them and you’re following a well-defined vision that aligns with your purpose and values so everything is set to succeed.

Following Your Gut

However, you cannot predict the future.  You have no control over how other people and other businesses behave or the decisions they make and you must hold your nerve.  You must keep connecting with that gut instinct that tells you that you’re on the right path.  Opinions are flying around you telling you that you need to pull back, you need to reign things in and change course.  Maybe your bank account is heavily in the red and you’re right on the edge of insolvency.

This is where you dig deep, hold your stance and keep your eye on the vision you have.  There is always a moment in the growth of a business where disaster appears on the horizon and sits on your desk staring you in the face.  You may even have experienced the failure of a business before and feel the shudder of the bad memories from the past.  This time, though, you know you’re on the right track.  You know in your heart and your head that you have something that people really want.

It took Thomas Edison hundreds of attempts to create the light bulb.  It took three attempts for Sir Edmund Hilary to climb Mount Everest.  Skyscanner took fifteen years to become a so called overnight success.

You’re On The Right Track

You know when you’re on the right path because the vision you created burns brightly within you every single day.  You think about it constantly, you smile when you think about it, you watch, learn, read and listen to things that help you along your way and so you cannot help but succeed.

It’s almost as if you have an automatic pilot set in your head when you have a business vision like this.  Even if you go off course, the strength of the belief you have in your vision will get you back on course.

So for all you business owners and business minded people out there hold onto that vision. Keep holding your nerve and knowing that your instincts are spot on, no matter what anyone else tells you.  The bank balance will right itself if you’re on track.  Even if this business fails, you’ll find a way to re-model, re-energise and re-build something that will be even bigger, better and stronger.  After all, it’s the mistakes we make that we learn the most from.