Bringing Joy to Your Customers and Clients


Bringing Joy to Your Customers and Clients

When you started your business you no doubt thought about doing something a bit differently.  You perhaps spotted an opportunity to deliver something in a way that had never been delivered before.  You may even have created a new process or product to fill a gap in the market or solve a problem. The underlying intent probably stemmed from bringing joy to your clients and customers. A real point of difference.

Whatever the reason for starting your business, it’s usually about doing something in a better way than it’s been done before.

Roll on a few years and you probably find yourself in the midst of finance, HR, admin and sales issues.  You’ll be focused on the bottom line and considering how to grow or even how to simply stay in business.

Here’s the interesting thing:  if you’re offering enough of the right service or product in the right way to the right audience, then the money and profits ought to follow.

If, however, you’re selling something that people aren’t interested in or don’t understand, then you’ve got a problem.

How do I fix that problem?

You start by thinking about your Economic Engine.  This is one of the core models and frameworks Tricres have designed to get your revenues and your profits flowing again.  We don’t have time in a short blog to go into massive detail about it right now, so you can go ahead and register on to gain access to the course when it’s released in April this year.

Today, I am focusing on a tiny part of your Economic Engine and that’s the bit where you decide the value you’re bringing to your customers and clients.

That’s easy you might cry, ‘we’re brilliant at customer service and our delivery times are outstanding’ and this may well be true and keep people buying from you.

Our question is more about the value you add to your customer’s life.  What is it that you do which makes their life easier, happier, richer, more pleasant and generally a joy.

It doesn’t matter if your business is transactional and the depth of relationship you have with your customer is fairly shallow, you can still identify the value you bring.

What problem are you solving?

As one of my clients said today ‘we are tech aspirin’. I loved that.  They’re solving thorny technical process issues for their clients, which on the surface sounds a bit dull. But underneath that smooth code they write, there’s an intent to cure a headache.

They can charge good money because they don’t just write code, they relieve headaches.  Usually, headaches that are costing their clients money, time and energy.  Their skill is in simplifying the complex and creating smooth processes for their clients which frees the business up to grow.

So, you might think your business is a bit dull, a bit simple or a bit mundane because you see it every day and don’t think it’s particularly special or different.  There’s a reason though that your clients keep buying from you and stay loyal. Once you find that reason, you can do more of it, make more money and attract more clients or customers.

What’s the extra you deliver?  Find it.  Define it. Tell people about it and get your Economic Engine moving beautifully and smoothly.