Six Ways to Bounce Back From Stress in Business


Six simple, practical ways to bounce back in business when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted.

We’ve all been there haven’t we?

Whether you’ve made some bad decisions and found yourself in a bit of a pickle or whether you’ve hit a disaster or major crisis in your business or market, the feelings of stress, overwhelm and exhaustion are familiar to us all and we’ve got six ways to help you bounce back from those feelings.

Help is at hand though.  There are simple practical ways to bounce back from this state and get you thinking more clearly, making good decisions and putting yourself back in the driving seat of your business.

And it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is.  These six steps apply to everyone’s enterprise whether its just you at your kitchen table or whether you’ve got a team of 1000’s, the principles are exactly the same.

Watch the FB Live Recording here of the Six Ways to bounce back from stress, overwhelm and exhaustion in business.

So, here goes, step one in bouncing back from stress, overwhelm and exhaustion is:

  1. Understand that success is a really poor teacher.  You only really ever learn anything truly useful from the mistakes you make.  The disaster, the crisis or the mistake are all chances to stop, reflect and learn how to do things differently next time.  Use them as lessons, not as failures.

Step Two 

2. If you’re going to beat yourself up (I’d really rather you didn’t) then put a time limit on it!  You’re allowed a maximum of 48 hours to wallow, call yourself an idiot and then you have to STOP! Wasting time and energy beating yourself up is time and energy you could be spending on finding solutions to your problems.

Steps 3 & 4

3. Ask yourself this question “if I were to know, what’s the opportunity here?” It’s a mind bending question and its designed to get your brain thinking in a way it doesn’t usually think.  You can’t solve a problem in the same thinking pattern it was created in.  Think about it.  You’ve definitely got the answer and planting this question in your head is like planting a fertile seed, it will definitely begin to grow ideas when you focus on the solutions and the things you CAN do.

4. What’s your goal or vision?  To bounce back you need to have a clear idea of where you’re going to bounce back to.  If you already had a clear vision then it’s easier to get back on track.  If you didn’t, then I highly recommend our Thinking Big (really big) online course, click here to access the Fuel My Business App.

Take baby steps in your goals and start with a weekly, monthly, 90 day and then 12 month goal. Breaking it down like this will help reduce overwhelm.  If a goal at the end of the week feels too much, stick with a daily goal – just one thing.  Even making tiny progress will help get you back on track.

Steps 5 & 6 in bouncing back from stress, overwhelm and exhaustion is:

5. Look at the resources you already have.  Resources can include what you already know, your expertise, your clients and your people.  Then think about the resources you’ll need to reach your goals.  It’s not always about money.


Possibly the most important step.  As soon as you’ve finished this, get started.  Your FIRST positive step is to take control and access our Thinking Big (Really Big) course plus every other course Tricres has to offer with our Fuel My Business app.

 It re-sets your mind, gives you the energy you need as well as the confidence to create and follow your vision (even if you’re not sure what it is yet!)