Blogcast #1: Gloria Battini: Connecting With The Unseen

Gloria Battini: Connecting With  the Unseen

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Rebecca Bonnington: Hello and welcome to the Entrepreneurial Journey podcast. Today I have the amazing Gloria. Hello, Gloria. How are you?

Gloria Battini: Hello, Rebecca. I’m so good. I’m so happy to be here

Rebecca: And lovely to have you on here. Now we’re just talking about job titles. Before we came on, and you don’t have a title, but you describe yourself as a woman on a mission. What mission are you on, Gloria?

Gloria Battini: Yes, I am indeed a woman on a mission. My mission is one, to enable people, empower people to live life in a different way, to connect with the things that are invisible, but very, very powerful. All of the forces around us, because I think when we get to do that, at least it was my experience. When we get to do that, life just becomes something that it’s a very different experience, and so I really want everybody to feel that way.

Rebecca: Okay. When you say connect with the things that we can’t see that are invisible, what sort of things do you mean?

Gloria Battini: I mean energy, I mean people who have passed. So if we want to go into the titles and into the labels, I’m a medium and I am also a coach and also energy healer. That’s why I don’t like titles, so many.

Rebecca: Right. Yeah, it’s true actually. It’s true. There’s too many,

Gloria Battini: Right?

Rebecca: Yeah, so I find this fascinating because I have not come across a coach who uses mediumship to coach, and I’m really intrigued as to how you got into that and how it works in practice. Yeah,

Gloria Battini: Absolutely. Yeah, I use mediumship and I use also astrology and energy work in my coaching because I think that coaching is a great tool to get people where they want to be, but it’s about allowing them to achieve their goals and obviously to believe in themselves more. But I think when you give them this thing where they can connect to the extra, to the extra thing that’s around us, I think that it can get even better for them. How did I get into this? Well, I became a coach first. It came through my own healing journey. I was in a toxic relationship for 15 years, and then I did a lot of work on myself, and then when I finally got out of the relationship, I was like, I have to do this for other people. There’s no way. This is too big.

And so I qualified as a personal performance life and personal performance coach. And for me, it was very much an awakening, like a remembering of a lot of things that were happening when I was little. And I was having a session actually with a spiritual coach, and she was saying to me how much I had many spirits and many guides around me, and I said to her, I know. I fully know. I can feel them.

Oh, wow. I can feel them. And I have been able to feel this since I was very little, but I thought everybody did okay. No, Gloria, not everybody did. She’s like, she, you need to do something about it. I was like, oh, really? She said, yeah, you definitely need to. And so I started digging a little bit deeper into what is it that I was actually feeling since I was little. So I wanted to just define that a little bit more. Right. What was it exactly? So a very heightened perception of energy, a very heightened perception, not energy only of the environment around us, but other people of course. And just tangible, actual, tangible energy that you feel when you do the exercise between your hands, and you’re actually that. Right? I really feel that around my body. And then it came to, okay, so what about this spirits? What about those things? What do I feel about that?

And so I decided to train. I decided to go a little bit deeper in that, and once I found out and I defined exactly what it is that I was able to perceive or able to feel, I decided, okay, I need to get some training because I dunno, I feel like I have this and I don’t know what to do with this, and I don’t want to do the wrong things.

And so I did. I trained as a medium, I trained as an energy healer, psychic, intuitive, workup, whatever, all of the many titles that you can give it, all those things. And then that’s where I felt like, wow, all of those things that felt like in the background before all of those feeling those energies and those spirits and stuff became really prominent, really at the forefront. And I thought, wow, that’s amazing.

But the thing is, I’m not special. We all have psychic abilities, we all have an intuition, we all have a sixth sense. And I was just curious about it. I was just very curious about it as a child.

Rebecca: That’s true. That’s true.

Yeah. Okay. I’m sure there are plenty people out there who are very cynical about this. As you know, I’m very open to all kinds of things that we haven’t yet learned to explain. And I put what you are talking about in that category in the same way that 8% of the universe is made up of dark matter, and the best scientists in the world still don’t know what dark matter is, and yet it’s 80% of us and the universe and everything else. So I’m really happy to consider there’s loads of stuff out there that we don’t understand and we don’t know how it works. So when you train to be a medium, what are you training in? How do you teach it?

Gloria Battini: So I’m not trained to teach it so yet, at least, but how do you learn it? So there are, first of all, by the way, I’m going to let you into this. NASA and different governments and all these big things that we have in our world, they work actively with psychics, and they have been for a decade.

Rebecca: I know that for sure. I listen to enough podcasts to know that that is the case. Yes.

Gloria Battini: Okay. And so just saying, okay, I’m going to stop here because otherwise I’m going to sidetrack and I get too passionate about these things. Okay, so how do you train? So there’s loads of different meditations. There’s loads of different types of meditations that you use for different things and for connecting to different things. There’s loads of, we can call them entities if you want, or spirit guides, maybe that’s probably the most common way to describe them, that help you do different things when you are under meditation, when you are working with energy. But all of those things are just another word for energy. All of those things, entities, spirit, guides, everything. They are just another word to describe something that at the end of the day is energy, the simplest way that we can get to describe it. And as you know, everything is energy. Everything is energy, and everything has energy, and therefore you just have to get to the same frequency as that.

Rebecca: Okay, that makes sense. Right, right. Okay.

Gloria Battini: So we are vibrating in different ways, and we are on one frequency. And then there’s your intuition, which is at a different frequency. And when you tune in, you will probably be able to tell all of the different things that you can do with manifestation. If you raise your vibration high enough, you can get things to happen in your life. That’s quite straightforward.

Rebecca: Totally

Gloria Battini: Right. And it is the same. It is just a different frequency.

Rebecca: Now I understand it. So I dunno whether, but I practice transcendental meditation.

Gloria Battini: Okay,

Rebecca: So 20 minutes, twice a day, one in the morning, one in the evening, stroke, afternoon, and it’s very short. And you have a little mantra that you say to yourself. Now, sometimes that takes you to a very deep frequency, and sometimes you can get some really vivid dreams whilst you’re meditating. They’re not visions, they’re like dreams while you’re meditating. So I can understand a frequency, and anybody who’s not experienced meditation, the easiest way to understand it, I’m guessing, and correct me if I’m wrong, Gloria, is that you are in a different frequency when you’re dreaming, when you’re in deep REM sleep to when you’re wide awake, or when you’re out partying or running, you’re at a completely different frequency. Or if you’re tired, you’re bored, you’re upset, you’re happy, you can feel it, can’t you?

Gloria Battini: Yeah, absolutely. You’re vibrated. Your wavelengths are different, right? You vibrate. I think most people

Rebecca: Get that. Yeah,

Gloria Battini: Definitely. And so when you connect to somebody who has passed, it’s just a different frequency.

And sometimes I see them, depending on how long they’ve been gone for, how long they’ve been on the other side, so-called other side, depending on different things, I either just see energy. So I either just see light, and I usually describe the person that I’m reading for. I describe them, what I can get from this light, sorry, this energy and light. And I usually can describe the, the way that I’m describing, the light that I see and the energy that I’m perceiving is a pretty good description of the personality to the person. And so I’m like, I’m feeling that this energy is, I dunno, it’s really upbeat. They’re very fun, they’re very dynamic. And I pick up on those things. Sometimes the colors have significant, the colors that I see, if it’s just an energy that I’m seeing, the color that I see might have had some significance for the person that I am reading for the person who I’ve crossed. So they say, oh, they used to like this, or they used to like that. But otherwise, I just see them. Other times I just actually see them.

Rebecca: Okay, now, so many questions. Can you do this online?

Gloria Battini: Yes, of course.

Rebecca: Oh, wow. Okay. Of course. So you don’t even have to be in the same room.

Gloria Battini: No, not at all.

Rebecca: Oh, that’s so cool. So when you do it online, this is a technical question, Gloria, are you seeing in their zoom bit or are you seeing them in your bit?

Gloria Battini: No, no, in mine, I am the one who goes under meditation. So I see them in mine. So for example, I am on this, I’m a teacher on this app that’s called Insight Timer. And so you host live events there, and I regularly host mediumship sessions for the audience. They’re free to attend. So honestly, come along, it’s great, you will love it.

Rebecca: We’ll put the links in the bio and info.

Gloria Battini: And basically, I sometimes open myself up to the frequency. It is very important that you do that. If you stay open to the frequency 24 7, there is a lot of chaos going on. It’s very, very intense.  So usually half an hour before an event, I go under meditation and I just open myself up to the frequency. And very often I ask to the other side if there is anybody who would want to come forward. And sometimes people do, sometimes souls do, and I get them. So I ask them who they are, I ask them who they want to speak to. And mind you, I don’t know who’s going to be in the audience, right?

Rebecca: No, you don’t. No, of course not.

Gloria Battini: And so I ask them, who do they want to speak to and all that. And then when I open the event, I take people on a first come first serve basis because I can only do so many readings. But then I just say, I have this person here. They would like to speak to their daughter, granddaughter, son, whatever. This is what they look like. This is what they’re saying. This is what their personality is like. And more often than not, I say, oh, yes, they definitely want to speak to me. That’s definitely my dad or something. And so we would ask more questions and I would describe them more to them to obviously confirm that it’s them. But very often they feel it. Very often they feel it, that it’s them. They feel like, oh, I felt like you were describing exactly the person that they were, all that kind of stuff. And then

Rebecca: That’s amazing.

Gloria Battini: It’s really cool. It’s so cool. And it gives me so much joy to be able to do that. It gives me so much joy. I actually feel that it’s a privilege that I get to be the medium between the two parties. I really feel that it’s an immense privilege. And then with the other readings, they just tell me their name and I just call them through.

Rebecca: This is amazing. So I can see how in a coaching relationship, well, again, sort of stop me if this isn’t right. Did the people that you’re connecting with, do they have kind of words of wisdom? Are they able to guide the individual that you’re coaching? Is that how it works?

Gloria Battini: Yeah, so it depends. Depends. Sometimes the person that I am coaching is going through a specific thing in the life, obviously, which is why they’re getting coaching.

Gloria Battini: And this is my reason why I also do it, this is why I say that I’m a woman on a mission because I don’t think, sorry, let me take a step back here. So I think a lot of the image that has been created around mediums, around tarot readers, around astrologers, around all these kind of, let’s call it the psychic world, let’s just call it the psychic world. And so I feel that a lot of the image, a lot of what’s been created, it’s been done on purpose. And it’s a very purposeful conditioning that I said. Where the big companies where the big things have said, we are going to use this, but obviously we know it’s very powerful. So we don’t want everybody to have access to this. So we’re going to shame it.

Gloria Battini: And so people are not going to believe in these things. And it is exactly the same thing that they have done with intuition. Our intuition has being completely sort of not wiped as such, but you know what I mean? We have been trained very slowly and very persistently to not trust it,

Gloria Battini: It really isn’t. And so I’m like, why it have to be like this? Why does the power have to be in the hands of such a small group of people? Why can we all have the power to use our own intuition and to realize that we’re all psychic? We can have a 10 minute conversation. You and I can show you how you’re using your psychic abilities every day and you don’t even know it.

Rebecca: Can you show me now?

Gloria Battini: Yes.

Rebecca: Okay. We’ve never done this before. People, let’s see how it goes. I’m putting you on the spot. I did not know this was going to happen.

Gloria Battini: So let’s get to your psychic abilities, Rebecca. Okay. Right. Okay. So first of all, tell me, do you ever have an instinct that you know something without needing a proof for it? And then when you eventually go to check, you find out that you were right. That you were actually

Rebecca: Correct.

Gloria Battini: Okay. That’s called clear cognizance, which means to know clearly. And you don’t have proof of it, but when you go check, you’re like, yes, of course I was right. But you just felt it. You just knew it. That’s a sixth sense. That’s what a psychic ability is, number one. Do you ever enter a room and feel the energy of the room? Are you able? Oh, absolutely. Right. So you enter a room and you feel whether there’s tension or you feel whether there’s everybody’s fun and relaxed. And do you have the same when you talk to different people?

Rebecca: Oh, yes, definitely.

Gloria Battini: Okay. So that’s Claire sentience.

Rebecca: Okay.

Gloria Battini: So you sense energy.

Rebecca: I’m on a roll. This is good.

Gloria Battini: So you’re just using another sense.

Rebecca: Okay. Okay. Okay. So find people who are, hate the word authenticity, but people who are inauthentic, who are either lying to themselves about something or just lying, living a lie. I find it really hard to talk in front of them. I get tongue tied.

Gloria Battini: And

Rebecca: I used to think it was because I was stupid, and then I realized that I wasn’t stupid, but actually it was them. And I literally get to the point where I can’t say anything

Gloria Battini: Because you feel their energy.

Rebecca: I do. And I feel that whatever I say is pointless, because whatever I get back from them is just going to be BS, quite frankly. Oh, okay. I think most people would agree with those questions that you’ve asked me and go, yeah, I feel like that. Definitely.

Gloria Battini: Yeah, absolutely. And then there’s also, I mean, this is the basic of psychic is the four Claires, right? So there’s Claire Sentience, Clair Cognizance, Clair Voyance, and Clair audience. So the clairvoyance is people who speak in pictures. And you know that with NLP, right?

Rebecca: Yeah, I do.

Gloria Battini: Painting a picture and somebody that’s clairvoyance. That is the basic of clairvoyance. And then do you ever have, now people are going to be like, what? The voice in your head? No. But have you ever heard something that it wasn’t your internal voice, but it came from in your inner ear?

Rebecca: Yes. And so there’s two things there. The clairvoyance, seeing things. I see things. And I think this is why I love being a business coach. I see things really clearly for the people in the business. I mean, I just get the whole thing straight off, and I know where it’s going, and that I definitely tap into that and the voice occasionally. It is my mom who died, gosh, 12 years ago now. And every now and again, it’s my nana who must have died, crikey, about 30 years ago now. Yeah, it’s sometimes. And when it’s my nana, it’s to do with business. She was a really shrewd business woman. She helped build her husband’s business up, and they sold it and very, very wealthy. She was very, very shrewd. And my mom, sometimes it’s there sometimes to do with the kids or a domestic situation, but, and it’s just a tiny little voice. And I think you wonder whether it’s a voice or just your imagination, but there’s definitely a prompt of some description. Yeah,

Gloria Battini: Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Okay, so these questions just to keep using the metaphor of the gym, which I think everybody can understand, and it’s super easy and super relatable, right?

Rebecca: Yeah.

Gloria Battini: So basically the questions that I’ve asked you now is if I had asked you, can you sit down and do a sit up? And you’ll be like, yes, of course I can do a sit up. So if you can do a sit up and you do that X amount of time every day, and you train yourself, you will get a six pack, won’t you?

Rebecca: Of course.

Gloria Battini: So if you were to intentionally put work in your Clair audience, in your clairvoyance, put work in your Clair sentience, and you actually were to train yourself or to get trained on how to feel and work with actual energy in your hands, that will just be that same thing, enhanced. But you started with a sit, didn’t you

Rebecca: Did something simple. This makes perfect sense, Gloria.

Gloria Battini: Yeah. And we all can, and my point is that we all can, everybody can do a situp. Absolutely. Absolutely. Everybody can do a situp.

Rebecca: Have you ever come across a client that you’ve been coaching that just can’t get any of this? Yes. Okay.

Gloria Battini: But then they do.

Rebecca: I have it sometimes in a room when I’m asking people to think about their ten year year vision, and they’re like, I haven’t got an imagination. I can’t picture things like, okay, what does your front door look like? And then suddenly they’re picturing things. I guess you’ve got a similar kind of exercise.

Gloria Battini: Yeah, absolutely. Especially when it comes, because the easier thing, for some reason, I dunno why I think that the psychic thing to me is the most straightforward. But for the skeptics, I find that astrology is the most straightforward for some reason. I dunno why, but because maybe they have more of a proof that it’s not their imagination. I think that with psychic work, there’s always a question mark, is it actually my sixth sense, my psychic ability? Or am I just imagining this? But when you’re imagining something, once you’ve trained yourself enough, when it’s your imagination, and when it’s your intuition, you can trade them very distinctively. But the skeptics, usually it’s the astrology that gets them. So usually they come in and they’re like, oh, I don’t understand these things. I don’t believe in them. And then you do their birth chart, which is something that I do with every client that works with me on a one-to-one basis, whether they want it or not. No, but it’s just part of the thing. It’s part of the thing. It’s a, it’s a personal discovery tool.

Rebecca: Yeah,

Gloria Battini: It is. And I offer it to all of my one-to-one clients at the beginning of each journey. And I say, this is how we start. Let’s see, even if you’re skeptic, let’s see where we go. And then at the end of it, they’re like, how is this possible? Right?

Rebecca: Yeah. So confession time, you did my birth chart, which is one of the ways we got to know each other. And it was absolutely fascinating, and I’m very open to all of these things. So I wasn’t skeptical. I was just genuinely curious about what would come up and whether it would be anything different to what I thought it might be. And it was great. We, it helped explain that whole creative side that I’ve got and the whole ambitious driving leading side, which that creativity in those two things don’t always sit together. But in my birth chart, it was like, there it is.

Gloria Battini: It is such an amazing self-discovery tool, and it’s beautiful. The fact that you do it once and you can refer back to it for the rest of your life, it covers every single area of your life. And when you have a question, you will find it there. The answer that actually what got me to finally get mediumship and intuitive training, intuitive development training was my birth chart. It was actually my birth chart. Yes. So I have a placement. I’ll just give it very simple. I know not everybody knows astrology, but there are 12 houses, which represents different areas of your life. And the 12th house is the most spiritual house of all. It is a house of secrets, and it’s the house in through which you connect with the spiritual world. And I did my own bird chart, and I happened to have the planet mercury in that house. And mercury is the planet of communication. So the interpretation of that is communication with the spiritual world. It’s one of the traits that I have. But this is what I’m saying. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t have that, you don’t have psychic abilities. We all do. What that probably explains is the fact that I was so open to it already,

That it felt more of innate. It felt like even during the training, my teacher was like, you’re remembering. So I was like, yes. I truly feel like I’m remembering I’m not learning, but I’m actually remembering how to do all these things. But we all have them, right? You have so many beautiful creative placements in your birth chart, but it doesn’t mean that other people don’t have creativity.

Rebecca: Yes, of course.

Gloria Battini: It just means that you, through those placements, you can see what is accentuated for your life experience, right?

Rebecca: I’m going to have to go back and look in my 12th house. I can’t remember what was in there.

Gloria Battini: You might not have anything. You might not have any planets in the 12th, which is okay. Which is okay. But as I said, it doesn’t mean that you’re not spiritually connected. It just means that it’s a different path that you have taken that your life has, if that makes any sense.

Rebecca: Yeah, it makes perfect sense. I’ve found it incredibly useful and informative.

Rebecca: To you, Gloria. Where can they find you?

Gloria Battini: Yeah, absolutely. So definitely on Instagram, I’m a lot on Instagram. I like talking in stories and sharing my days and my things there. There’s also a lot of information on my actual profile. So if you have any questions around what can I try, what’s good for, I don’t want to do one-to-one coaching. Can I just try one session and see what it is? You can find all the information there, of course. And then if you have the app insight timer, which is a meditation app, which I highly recommend it because it’s super useful for meditation. But there’s also loads of live events that loads of teachers are hosting on many different topics. And so if you find me on that, you can have a look at all the events. I usually plan them all a month in advance. I have about two to three events every week.

Some of them are mediumship readings. Some of them are just energy forecast for the week ahead, or some of them are just normal, intuitive readings. So I just go online for an hour and people ask me a question, and I use different tools. I use cards, and I use energy compatibility. I use different things according to what they ask me and what I feel coming from the person as well. You can find me on there. It’s really fun. And I do moon ceremonies on there. I love the moon. It is one of my favorite things to do.

Gloria Battini: Following the moon cycle. It’s really, really fascinating. So, so I do a lot of things there. So if you want to come along, Instagram and Insight Timer are the places for sure.

Rebecca: And on Instagram, is it just Gloria?

Gloria Battini: Yes. At Gloria, yes.

Rebecca: Brilliant. We’ll find you. I’m going to share that with my book group, lady Friends, and I’ve got various other girly groups that are just going to love all of this. So I think it’s fabulous. Right, Gloria? A woman on a Mission. I hope you succeed in your mission. This is good stuff. Anything that can help us get through life and overcome the hurdles that life throws at us.

Rebecca: Thank you so much, Gloria.

Gloria Battini:: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It was such a pleasure. Thank you.

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