Are You Scared of Success?

Are You Scared of Success?

If you’re reading this, you’re likely to be a business owner or entrepreneur. Or at the very least someone who is keen to stretch and grow themselves in their career.

It’s an interesting thought that there are so many people aiming high. And yet, not everyone gets to where they want to be.  Is that because they’re scared of success?

In the development of our learning platform for business-minded people, we’ve had to take a serious look at ourselves. How we work, how we operate and most importantly, how we think.

The founders – Nick Davies and Rebecca Bonnington happen to be brother and sister. We had a similar upbringing in North Manchester with our single mum who managed to instil a pretty strong work ethic in us. All whilst she struggled to raise us on a meagre student grant before qualifying as a teacher.

We were brought up in a household where money was in very short supply. Our mother was always in debt. Even when she was promoted to head of fifth year at a large comprehensive school, money was still tight. We were both surrounded by a sense of lack and brought up to believe that only people who were mean and nasty were successful. My mother saw wealth as something to be afraid of, not to embrace.

Are you afraid being wealthy makes you a bad person?

She did a great job of raising us. Nick and I have gone on to be very successful business owners as well as fine, upstanding members of the human race. So this isn’t about having a go at our mum (rest in peace) because she did an awesome job under very difficult circumstances.

No. This is about people who are under the impression that to be successful or wealthy is to be mean, horrible, selfish and cruel. This deeply held view of many is potentially holding you back from the success you really deserve.

You can stop being scared of success today by thinking about this…

Many business-minded people feel they are taking money and success from other people if they are successful. This is not true. There is more than enough wealth and success in the world in our ever-expanding universe.

When you are successful, you create wealth for other people. You pay more tax for a start and you have the time and often the inclination to give back in some way or another.

On our travels, we meet many more generous, open-hearted, kind and thoughtful business owners than we meet of the mean and nasty variety. And yet it’s the latter that is reported in our media.

Every successful person I know gives back to society in some way or another. They help other entrepreneurs, they sit on the boards of charities, and give their time freely to those starting out. They donate money and they start foundations and trusts which support others for many generations to come.

Case In Point

Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in the world at the turn of the twentieth century. Legend has it that when he died, his family opened his safe to find it empty. He had given his wealth away.

Most libraries in the UK were founded by his foundation. His family still give generously to their community in the north of Scotland where they live. His legacy lives on through the work of Napolean Hill (“Think and Grow Rich”) and Bob Proctor of the Proctor Gallagher Foundation and many others.

So, when you think about creating huge wealth and success for yourself, know that you’re doing it to keep the money circulating. So that other people can grow and become successful too.

Success, money and wealth are positive because they’re a sign that you’ve already shared your product or service with many, many people. And when your wealth grows, you’ll be able to do even more to give others the helping hand they need to succeed.


Being scared of success is stopping money from circulating and you sharing your service.

If you suspect that some of the negative beliefs around money and success are preventing you from achieving your full potential then consider this. You’re doing the world a disservice by not allowing your light to shine as brightly as it possibly can. The more people you serve, the more they benefit from your knowledge, expertise or product.

It’s your duty to be as successful as you possibly can. So long as your product or service is legal and enhances the lives of others in a positive and productive way, you’re on the right track.

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