Rebecca Bonnington

CEO and Founder of Tricres

CEO and Founder of Tricres

The best thing about what we do is watching people come alive, seeing them succeed, have fun, and flourish.

I love watching our learners and our Licensed Coaches enjoy the freedom I’ve experienced for decades.


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Virtual and In-Person

You will meet Rebecca in the free training, online learning, Supercharge, and CPD sessions.

She is also available for one-to-one and group coaching & consulting.

Areas of Expertise

Rebecca holds a Masters Degree in Coaching. She is a licensed trainer of NLP and has been personally endorsed by Dr.Richard Badler, the co-creator of NLP.

She has been coaching & consulting with businesses for decades and has worked with every shape, size and type of business imaginable from pre-revenue start-ups to Global PLCs.

In the Beginning

Back in 2018, Rebecca and her older brother Nick sat down together in a cafe and decided to share what they know with the world.

With a shared passion for creating kick ass cultures in business they decided to train other business coaches & consultants in their no-nonsense approach.

Tricres was born.

Kick Ass Culture Coaching & Consulting Training

After running some pilot training and some live Zoom training it was clear that something more accessible in terms of time and money was needed.

In September 2022, Tricres launched the Kick Ass Culture Coaching & Consulting Online Programme and saw aspiring and ambitious business coaches & consultants from all over the world accessing the tried and tested content and expertise that Rebecca and Nick had been using successfully for years.

Biggest Lesson Learned?

Biggest lesson learned in business? To think bigger. As in two, three or four times bigger than you thought possible. It sets into motion the little steps and actions that will get you further past your original goalpost than you ever thought before.

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Rebecca is the author of the acclaimed guide to getting ahead in your career, ‘How to Outshine the Rest’.

In her spare time Rebecca is an avid knitter, admitting to an obsession of the craft of fashioning just about anything with a ball of wool and two needles.

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