Rebecca Bonnington

MSc Coaching and Licensed Trainer of NLP
CEO and Co-Founder of Tricres
Rebecca is the original disruptor here at Tricres. Deciding that business coaching and consulting could be done better, the decision was made to make that happen on her own terms. Find out what has made Tricres so impactful for hundreds of businesses and SME’s.
Rebecca Bonnington

Virtual and In-Person

You have the option to meet Rebecca Bonnington face to face or via Zoom

Areas of Expertise

It’s always interesting to find out why someone wants to know more about a company, or better yet, who is under the company bonnet so to speak. 

And the reason is this: If you are going to invest time, money and effort into an endeavour or service, purchase a product of significant value, or need real help in any capacity you are going to want to know who it is you are dealing with. What their values are. The real ‘Why?’ behind what they do and provide.

If you’ve come this far and ended up landing on the Tricres homepage, you are more than likely someone who is running a business or who has a voice in how a business is being run. 

You might be an owner/manager, a serial entrepreneur or even a department head who knows their team has lost their way. In any case, something isn’t quite right or working for you and you are seeking some honest professional advice.

If you value a strong work culture, need sustainable growth strategies, and have a need for business coaching and consulting that doesn’t rehash the same old business-speak you’ve heard time and time again then congratulations. You’ve come to the right place.

In the Beginning

Rebecca Bonnington, co-founder and CEO of Tricres, realised years ago that most small to medium businesses couldn’t afford high-quality business coaching and consulting. 

Flashback to 1999 when Rebecca started her own recruitment business. Within 6 years the business had £1m+ in revenue, but she struggled to have a clear vision and where to take it. She needed help and support with how to structure that growth, but there was not a lot out there that was easily and consistently affordable. When the recession hit and the business closed, Rebecca knew exactly what her next venture would be.

Tricres was born from an extensive background in executive coaching, leadership development and business development. Born of a desire to provide helpful, honest coaching and consulting along with a Partner Programme to expand the Tricres processes to a wider audience which has come to fruition. 

It has thrown down the gauntlet to making high quality yet affordable and accessible coaching the norm, not a luxury. 

Fuel My Business

With the event of the new Fuel My Business App, it will allow anyone subscribing access to help and support 24/7. Because it can be difficult as an SME owner to ask for help when you think you know your business inside out. When the day arrives that you realise you don’t, it can be quite a shock to the system.

Rebecca is passionate about people and business, plain and simple. “If you want maximum growth and potential to be realised for your business, understand that it simply cannot  be done without investing in the people you employ to grow and realise full potential themselves also.”

Helping organisations create and establish a powerful culture and building out from there is one of Rebecca’s favourite things to do. This is by ‘listening for potential’ and hearing or seeing things that others don’t or fail to pick up on. 

Professional services are Rebecca’s favourite industries to work with because many of these services such as law firms, architects and accountants are often overlooked and neglected by the coaching and consulting industry. 

Biggest Lesson Learned?

Biggest lesson learned in business? To think bigger. As in two, three or four times bigger than you thought possible. It sets into motion the little steps and actions that will get you further past your original goalpost than you ever thought before.

Want to work with Tricres? Get in touch to see what Tricres can offer your business to take it to the next level and build a culture that encourages sustainable growth.

Rebecca is the author of the acclaimed guide to getting ahead in your career, ‘How to Outshine the Rest’.

In her spare time Rebecca is an avid knitter, admitting to an obsession of the craft of fashioning just about anything with a ball of wool and two needles.

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