Nick Davies

Award-winning trainer Nick Davies posesses a wealth of experience delivering training, speaking at conferences, hosting awards ceremonies and doing ‘stand-up’ across the globe for organisations large and small, including The Royal Household.
Nick Davies LLB (HONS), Barrister
His charismatic, engaging, informative and dare we say…entertaining delivery, singles him out from the usual corporate-speaker crowd. It’s why a multitude of his clients keep coming back for more.

Virtual and In-Person

We all know establishing and building relationships is far easier done face-to-face, than over a screen. We also don’t need telling training is better delivered the same way – in a ‘classroom’.

However, given far more of our networking, presenting, pitching and business development will be done virtually, all the courses cover how to adapt your approach and tailor the core skills to a virtual setting.

Equally, each course can be delivered via a screen or in-person. You decide!


Below are the topics about which Nick is asked to train, teach and talk about.

Presentation skills

How to wean yourself off PowerPoint & make all your presentations engaging, interesting and useful. You’ll find out how to tap into your creative side, construct memorable pitches, superb speeches and talks which resonate with your audience. I’ll share with you the secrets, tricks and tips, I’ve learned over the past 2 decades of training, speaking at conferences and performing Stand-Up. You’ll leave feeling more confident and better prepared for the next time you speak in public.

Business Development

If you are going to improve your success in selling, you need a system or model to follow. Well, I have one and it works: I have taught it to thousands of people across the globe, developed and honed over the 30+ years I’ve been self-employed and winning business. You’ll learn who to TARGET, how to CONNECT with and MEET them and ASK for the work (close the deal), whilst following up and retaining control of the process. Selling is about making it easy for people & I’ll show you how.

Business Relationships / Networking

You’ll learn the first 3 stages of intimacy (and maybe even 4 and 5!), how to build rapport and bond with anyone using small talk and expert listening. You’ll know how to initiate conversation as well as end them without making excuses like ‘I need the loo’ and without being rude. Finally, you will learn a foolproof way to follow up with contacts without becoming a pain in the backside.

Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation

Delivered either separately or as part of the same course, these 3 fascinating related topics are a powerful combination when properly understood.

You’ll be introduced to the 6 ways human beings are persuaded most effectively, the pitfalls to avoid and the 2 ingredients vital to success.

When it comes to negotiation preparation is just as important, if not more so, than tactics at the table. At the end of the course, you will know how and what to prepare, how to ‘set the table’, when and how to make offers, the difference between ‘bottom lines’ and ‘BATNAs’. In addition, you’ll leave how to deal with difficult people and what we can learn from the negotiation elite – hostage negotiators.

Contact Nick

For an initial chat with Nick, to learn about what you need and whether he’s the right man for the job – training, conference or away-day speaker – and the exorbitant amount he will charge (to fund his expensive shoe habit) whizz over an email.

Reading List

1. ‘YES!’: 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion’ Noah Goldstein, Steve J Martin & Robert Cialdini
2.‘ Nudge’ Thaler & Senstein 
3. ‘3D Negotiation’ David Lax & James K. Sebenius
4. ‘Peacemakers’ Margaret Macmillan
5. ‘Persuasion’ James Borg
6. ‘Power, Influence & Persuasion’ Harvard Business Essentials 
7.‘ Negotiation’ Harvard Business Essentials 
8. ‘Getting Ready to Negotiate’ Roger Fisher & Danny Ertel
9. ‘Building Agreement’ Roger Fisher & Daniel Shapiro
10. ‘The Power of a Positive No’ William Ury 
11. ‘Negotiation Mastery’ Simon Horton
12. ‘Getting Past No’ William Ury
13. ‘Getting to Yes’ Roger Fisher & William Ury
14. ‘The Negotiation Book’ Steve Gates
15. ‘Communication Secrets of a Hostage Negotiator’ Richard Mullender
16. ‘Influence: the psychology of persuasion’ Robert Cialdini
17. ‘What Every Body is Saying: Speed-Reading People’ Joe Navarro
18. ‘Getting to yes with Yourself’ William Ury 
19. ‘Beyond Winning’ Robert H. Mnookin
20. ‘Inside the Nudge Unit’ David Halpern 
21. ‘Sapiens – a brief history of humankind’ Yuval Noah Harari 
22. ‘Brilliant Selling’ Cassell & Bird
23. ‘Selling Skills for Complete Amateurs’ Bob Etherington
24. ‘Winning New Business’ Richard Denny
25. ‘Selling for Dummies’ The ‘Dummies’ series
26. ‘Selling the Wheel’ Jeff Cox & Howard Stevens
27. ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’ Dale Carnegie
28. ‘Presence’ Amy Cuddy 
29. ‘Pre-Suasion’ Robert Cialdini
30. ‘Leading’ Alex Ferguson 
31. ‘Death by Meeting’ Patrick Lencioni 
32. ‘Talk Like TED’ Carmine Gallo
33. ‘People Watching’ Desmond Morris 
34. ‘The Paradox of Choice’ Barry Shwartz 
35. ‘Self-Made Man – my year disguised as a man’ Norah Vincent 
36. ‘Getting Naked’ Patrick Lencioni
37. ‘Never Split the Difference’ Chris Voss
38. ‘The Rational Optimist’ Matt Ridley