Nick Davies: Conference and Away Day Events Speaker

Award-winning trainer Nick Davies posesses a wealth of experience delivering training, speaking at conferences, hosting awards ceremonies and doing ‘stand-up’ across the globe for organisations large and small, including The Royal Household.
Nick Davies LLB (HONS), Barrister
His charismatic, engaging, informative and dare we say…entertaining delivery, singles him out from the usual corporate-speaker crowd. It’s why a multitude of his clients keep coming back for more.
Nick is the Co-Founder of Tricres and one of your trainers of our KICK Ass Culture Program

Meet Nick, the conference and events speaker with a comedic edge

Learning and training never have to be boring.

You CAN have an educational experience that is both memorable and entertaining that captures the attention of your audience.

It’s all about the delivery.

Nick Davies is a former stand-up comedian who also happens to be a barrister. He knows a thing or two about working with professional services and how to keep a room captivated.

These things are not mutually exclusive even if they seem to be in the corporate world!

For speaking engagements and training that engages your professional services audience, Nick stands out. He is original and genuinely loves what he does. There is a reason he is a speaker who gets asked back by businesses and corporate clients again and again.

Get in touch with Nick today for an informal chat about what you’re looking for and how you can book. 

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