About Tricres

In a small café, two world-renowned coaches who happened to be a brother and sister team that specialised in coaching, consulting, and training decided to jump into the deep end and walk the talk.

Why should expert coaching and consulting be the exclusive domain of big-money corporations and big-time players? Shouldn’t SME’s that are struggling to get to that £1m mark or who don’t know how to scale up be catered to as well?

The answer was a resounding YES, leave no SME behind.

In that moment of clarity, Tricres was born.


Quality coaching and consulting accessible for all, not a luxury for the chosen few


We go against the grain, disrupting with authority and audaciousness


We are ‘Rebels With a Cause’, a team of business owners who know what it is like to run and grow a business

How we do things

We ask you what your business needs right now.

We listen like a rock with ears and we give our answers to you without side-stepping the issues you may not want to hear, but you need to. We’re a team of business owners who know what it’s like to run, grow and scale up a business.

We’re really good at what we do and we’re going to teach you how to be even better.

We know what’s important.

Using our high impact, effective tools delivered in a fun and engaging way you can get on and grab the life you want.

And we do all of that simply brilliantly because we absolutely love what we do.

  • Join the revolution.
  • Make it happen.
  • Create possibility.

Sometimes a cup of coffee gets your business going!

Our Values

At Tricres, we know the importance of establishing values business coaches & consultants can believe in. After all, we have courses designed to help you figure out what your business stands for so we should be crystal clear about ours!

BOLD: Brave, fearless, and challenging. We tell it like it is and stand by our opinion.

IMPACTFUL: Disruptive, inspiring, and empowering. We challenge the status quo to make it happen quickly for you.

DIRECT: Agile, creative, and game-changing. Thinking outside of the box to deliver wow results.

Our Culture

We are colourful and inclusive, creating possibility and are staunchly committed to making it happen.

What we are not is your bog-standard, overtly average coaching culture. We love what we do and are here to instil a revolution for your coaching & consulting business by empowering your self-belief.

We have boundless enthusiasm to witness your business flourishing. Unabashedly proud of our achievements and a real desire to rock your business world using our expertise and proven toolkit.

Meet Our Team

Go behind the curtain to see the beating hearts that make Tricres tick.
RB Image 3 colour
Rebecca Bonnington

Rebecca, CEO and Founder of Tricres created the company with a desire to give business coaches and consultants the best toolkit to create kick ass cultures in their client’s businesses.

But Tricres was never meant to be your bog standard ordinary coaching and consulting. With over 20 years of running her own businesses, Rebecca is ready to revolutionise coaching and consulting for SME’s by training a global community of like-minded business coaches and consultants.

Nick Davies - Speaker
Nick Davies

Nick is Rebecca’s brother and co-founder of Tricres making it a family affair. Along with Rebecca, he too likes to operate against the grain and is not content with status quo thinking or mindsets. Nick is a leading global speaker, learning and development trainer, barrister, and former standup comedian in another life who joined forces with his little sis to break all the rules.

NEW Tammy Headshot
Tammy Appleton

Tammy, a Tricres Licensee who qualified in April 2021, loved it so much that she decided to set up her own sister company and is now President of Tricres USA LLC. With over 25 years of business experience and having started, grown, and sold businesses in fitness, health, and construction, there is a lot any SME can gain by working with Tammy as she starts her new US venture leading the Tricres way.

Lauren Jones
Lauren is the brains behind the branding here at Tricres. With an unapologetic go for it attitude combined with fearless aptitude for brand design, her own Box Creative consultancy has been instrumental in bringing Rebecca’s vision for Tricres come to life. Lauren creates exceptional brand experiences and is also Co-Founder at ‘Girls That Get **it Done’.
Donald Forsyth

Donald Forsyth is a Non-Executive Chair for Tricres who joined us in August 2022. 

A powerhouse of experience who provides clear commercial advice on strategy, finance and governance, he is a welcome addition (and stealth secret weapon) to Tricres. 

Allison Cruise

Allison dove headfirst into a new venture as Digital Manager and copywriter after an eventful 2020. Needless to say, she has more to learn but has learned a hell of a lot along the short journey so far. Known to be a little bit disruptive on team Zooms (in a good way), she has embraced the disruptive culture despite her introverted tendencies.

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