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"We were placed 59th in the AJ100 last night AND we won best newcomer.
Second highest placed Scottish practice and placed in amongst - and ahead of - some very successful firms.
However this is an AMAZING result and you have been a huge part of getting us here and you need to share and take pride in this success with us. 
So a very big thank you to you from all of us.”

Phil McDonald

Managing Partner at Oberlanders

“Until you start using the Fuel My Business platform and your eyes are opened, you don’t realise the value it brings.”

Emma Thomas,


“Using The Horizon Model helped me established a 3 year business plan.  By focusing on our strengths in the team and the market we have developed a plan the team and Executive Board have participated in.”

Neil Wotherspoon,

Partner TFT

“Full of business improving lessons that can shortcut the time that it takes you to get your business where you want it to be”


SME Sector

In the near future I can see myself using Constructive Conversations Chart in initial introduction zoom calls with potential Reboundog members. This will help me to understand their needs in a logical fashion.

As to the Gibbs Reflective Model, this will be a great tool to reflect on our Working Group meetings along with our Sofa Meet-ups.

Spencer Hodgetts,


"I got to session 15....I was quite emotional, having learnt a great deal, been able to apply some of the learning already to an existing client and am now very excited (nervited) to complete the case study....I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far."

Michael Philips,


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